Dec 23, 2021

Launch of Chugai's New TV Commercial “Protect the Ordinary Days People Cherish” Featuring Kento Nagayama as a Researcher in “Chugai Innovation Lab”

TOKYO, December 23, 2021 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced that it has launched a new TV commercial series called “Protect the Ordinary Days People Cherish.”

Advertising image

Under its business philosophy of “Innovations all for the patients,” Chugai aims to add exceptional value through the creation of innovative medical products and services for the benefit of the medical community and human health around the world.

The setting for the commercial is an imaginary laboratory called “Chugai Innovation Lab,” where scenes from around the world are projected on different monitors. The actor Kento Nagayama, who plays the role of a researcher, and the robot “ChuLabo” are watching one monitor that shows a father and child on Sports Day. The researcher and robot ask themselves why they are pursuing innovation, and by watching the monitors, they realize their mission is to create new drugs to protect the ordinary days of people.

The new commercial expresses our stance and the hope of Chugai employees to meet the expectations of patients around the world who are waiting for effective treatments. We will do that by pursuing continuous innovation and contributing to their health and happiness. Chugai is advancing its growth strategy “TOP I 2030” with the aim of becoming a top innovator in the healthcare industry in 2030. We will continue to enhance awareness and understanding through branding activities and to build trust with our stakeholders.


[Main activities]
The rollout of the new corporate advertisement on TV commercial starts today and will be placed on the internet and SNS in Japan.

[About the cast : Kento Nagayama]

Actor. Born in Tokyo on March 7,1989. In July 2007, made his drama debut in the NTV drama series "Ojiisan Sensei". Since then, he has appeared in a variety of films, including NHK's serial television series "Beppin-san," the historical drama "Idaten," the movie "Fuganai Boku wa Sora wo Mita," and "Life and Death by on the Shore”. He will appear in TV Tokyo New Year Drama Special "Yasahii Ongaku" and the movie “Toge Last Samurai” to be released in 2022.

photo:Kento Nagayama


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