Mar 21, 2024

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Chugai Selected as a “Nadeshiko Brand”

TOKYO, March 21, 2024 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced that it has been selected as a “Nadeshiko Brand” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) as a listed company with outstanding capabilities to promote women’s participation in the workplace. This year’s selection as a “Nadeshiko Brand” follows four consecutive years of selection from FY2014 to FY 2017, as well as the two consecutive years of selection from FY2020 to FY2021.

The Nadeshiko Brand has been jointly implemented with METI and TSE since FY2012. The aim of this initiative is to promote investment in selected companies and accelerate initiatives to empower women by introducing to investors who value “improvement in corporate value over the medium- to long-term” as listed companies that are outstanding in promoting women’s active participation. From FY2022, in addition to evaluating not only the amount of initiatives undertaken, positioning active participation of women in its corporate management strategies, implementation of effective initiatives based on the management’s commitment, and link the results of those initiatives to increasing corporate value have been also evaluated.

“Chugai believes that human resources are an invaluable asset that creates corporate growth and development. As such, we are implementing a human resource strategy that integrates with its growth strategy. Focusing on the growth of its employees, we are advancing initiatives that focus on the growth and challenges of diverse human resources including women based on three steps of “envisage individuals,” “enhance individuals,” and “enable excellence of individuals.” In regard to the active participation of women, we will focus on career development including female managers at each level, support for self-directed learning, and improvement in ensuring employee enablement.,” said Mr. Yoshiyuki Yano, Chugai’s Executive Vice President, Supervisory responsibility for Human Resource Management and ESG.


Chugai’s basic policy is to grow and develop together with society with the aim to become a top innovator in the healthcare industry for advanced and sustainable patient-centric healthcare. Aiming to realize this goal, we have positioned the “promotion of diversity and inclusion (D&I)” as an important management issue and work actively the related initiatives. We believe that the selection of the “Nadeshiko Brand” is a continuing recognition of our efforts to date. By further promoting D&I, Chugai will continue developing an organizational culture that generates innovation through the active participation of diverse human resources.


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