Strengthen the digital platform/Optimize all value chains

Strengthen the digital platform

Digital Innovation Lab(DIL)

The Digital Innovation Lab (DIL) is an idea generation and incubation initiative that is open to all employees. Budget and human resources are assigned to projects focusing on viewpoints of innovativeness, expansivity, and future potential, rather than an immediate return on investment (ROI), so that they can promptly proceed to the Proof of Concept (PoC) stage followed by full-scale development.

Platform for human resource development: CHUGAI DIGITAL ACADEMY

CHUGAI DIGITAL ACADEMY(CDA) has been established to systematically develop in-house data scientists and other digital talents. We provide a full range of lectures and support practical application through on-the-job training. In addition, through external training programs, human resource exchange, and collaboration with universities and research institutions, we will enhance skills and experience in pharmaceuticals and digital technology.

Chugai Scientific Infrastructure(CSI)

We have developed CSI, an IT infrastructure based on AWS for secure access, movement, and storage of large amounts of data. CSI is expected to 1) Enhance the utilization of internal data across divisions, 2) Securely handle various data with high security requirements such as genomic data, 3) Provide academia, medical facilities, and partnering companies with an analytical environment to accelerate collaborative projects, 4) Reduce cost and time to build environments by automation and standardization, and 5) Reduce security risk, including information leaks and cyber-attacks.

Digital Compliance

Chugai is committed to “digital compliance” as an activity to comply with various laws and regulations associated with the use of human-derived data, especially clinical and genomic data, in the digital transformation for drug discovery and development. We have established Digital Compliance Group to respond to various national laws, such as the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws/regulations on research and development, ethical guidelines, and laws/regulations on the protection of intellectual property, and support of the appropriate use of data.

Optimize all value chains

Digital Plant

Under the concept of “Transform production operations with digitalization to increase productivity and add high value to human capital,” we aim to link and optimize people and operational data in the following areas: 1) Planning, 2) Direct operations, and 3) Indirect operations. In the first step, we will establish a digital infrastructure to support new operations at the Ukima Plant as a model case by mid-2022. We will validate each measure for expansion to other production sites.

Conceptual diagram of future digital plant

0C(Organic Communication)

To respond flexibly to the needs of our customers, or healthcare professionals, Chugai launched the cross-functional project Organic Communication (0C), otherwise called “Zero C,” to create an integrated interface to realize customer-centric marketing.

A company-wide cross-functional project to realize “customer-centric marketing” that combines real and digital worlds across products/areas and departments.


Chugai is looking for talent to help us harness digital technology to become a leading innovator in the healthcare industry.

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Digital Transformation "CHUGAI DIGITAL"

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