Top Management Commitment

Representative Director, Chairman Tatsuro Kosaka

Contributing to Medicine and Human Health Worldwide

Our mission at Chugai is to “Dedicate ourselves to adding value by creating and delivering innovative products and services for the medical community and human health around the world.”

To fulfill this mission, we have pursued innovation in every function and area of our business operations, from research and development to pharmaceutical technology and production, and marketing. Today, we are proud of our important role and responsibilities in the global pharmaceutical industry.

In the long term, though, we foresee structural changes in the environment surrounding patients and healthcare. As technology evolves dramatically and the needs of society change, we have to think of the overall value that medicines offer patients, encompassing not just efficacy and safety but also quality of life and reduction of psychological, physical and financial burdens. Moreover, with advances in life science technology and digital technologies, industry barriers are falling, so new products and services are expected to appear. On the other hand, the problem of financing healthcare systems is expected to become increasingly serious worldwide.

Considering Chugai’s path toward fulfilling its mission, the scope of the contributions we can make and the breadth of the role we must play are sure to expand.

Realizing Advanced and Sustainable Patient-Centric Healthcare

In this context, Chugai set “creating shared value with stakeholders” as its basic policy. This idea has always been important to us, but now we need to connect the value of our products and services to value for society. Solving social issues must be the linchpin of the Company’s operations. This thinking is the same as that behind the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations.

Our goal in creating value shared with stakeholders is to realize “advanced and sustainable, patient-centric healthcare.” We also aim to contribute to the next generation of healthcare. To do so, we will share value with our various stakeholders, including patients and their families, healthcare professionals, universities and other research institutions, business partners, the national and local governments that support the healthcare system, health insurers, regulatory agencies, shareholders, and employees.

To realize these goals, Chugai will focus more than ever on innovation, which I believe is the key word that expresses what Chugai is all about. Through continuous innovation, we will solve social issues and enhance our corporate value.

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Basic Policy (Creation of Shared Value)

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