Our Approach to Value for Patients

Chugai is dedicated to adding value by creating and delivering innovative products and services for the medical community and human health around the world. Our efforts are truly centered on patients. Here we present our view of the value we deliver to patients and the foundation underpinning that value creation.

The Value of Continuously Creating Innovative Drugs

There are countless patients suffering from illness around the world.

At the same time, advances in technology and medicine are bringing hope for novel approaches to the treatment of diseases that have been regarded as incurable.

At Chugai, we seek completely new therapeutic effects and cures through innovative drugs. We also strive to reduce the burdens on patients and their families to deliver true value for patients, including quality of life.

As a company that has produced numerous innovative drugs and will continue to create more in the future, Chugai plays a prominent role. Using our website and other media, we provide information and create venues for patients to communicate with each other, helping them face their disease with courage. We believe that initiatives such as these are a must for Chugai.

A Leader in Personalized Healthcare

Personalized healthcare (PHC) is an approach in which treatment plans are prepared according to each patient’s genetic profile and other factors in order to provide the best treatment. This approach is attracting attention worldwide. PHC offers benefits in terms of efficacy and safety because drugs are given only to patients in which they are expected to be effective. It is also expected to help solve the healthcare system financing problem by eliminating unnecessary medical costs. Chugai has led the industry since the early 2000s in promoting and developing PHC in Japan.

The next step is PHC in which diagnosis is performed in more detail using genetic information and other data to tailor treatment to each patient. As a pioneer in PHC, Chugai is playing a leading role in the development of this next generation of PHC, and is actively working to promote the use of genomic analysis technology and the advancement of cancer genomic medicine.

Value through Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Based on its expertise in its focus disease areas and its robust safety management system, Chugai has contributed to better treatment options by sharing accurate drug, safety and research information in a timely manner with healthcare providers. Chugai also contributes to the development of regional healthcare to enable patients to get appropriate treatment regardless of where they live through initiatives to raise disease awareness and promote coordination, and by acting as a bridge between medical institutions.

As a result of these initiatives, Chugai is trusted and valued by healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and technicians, for the useful information it shares. We will continue to enhance our ability to offer them solutions to help create a society in which all patients can receive the best treatment possible.

Value Generated by Our Unique Strengths in Science and Technology

Creating innovative pharmaceuticals and offering a full range of solutions to healthcare providers requires strengths in science and technology. At Chugai, we are working to improve and evolve our advanced drug discovery capabilities and technology platform to enhance value for patients.

One example is discovery of mid-size molecule drugs, which Chugai is pioneering with its proprietary technologies. Expectations for mid-size molecule technologies are high because they enable novel treatment approaches that could not be taken with existing discovery technologies. In providing healthcare solutions, Chugai is working on visualizing patient quality of life with data analysis combined with real-world data.

Value from the Strategic Alliance with Roche

Along with unique strengths in science and technology, Chugai’s unique business model backed by the strategic alliance with Roche supports its efforts to create value for patients.

Under this business model, the medicines that Chugai creates reach patients worldwide through Roche’s global network, while Chugai is able to provide Roche’s innovative products to patients in Japan. Moreover, by collaborating with Roche in clinical development and sharing information regarding safety, quality and other aspects, Chugai achieves efficient drug creation and is improving the quality of its products and services.

Chugai will continue to take full advantage of this business model to enhance the value it provides to patients.

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