D&I Vision and Performance

Based on its business philosophy, “Innovation all for the patients,” Chugai works with Roche as it seeks to become a leading innovator in the health care industry, achieving advanced patient-centric, sustainable medical care centered around its own scientific and technological capabilities. This includes positioning the promotion of diversity and inclusion as a priority issue for management.


We believe that a diverse workforce that works together with enthusiasm is essential for employees to generate new value--in other words, diversity is necessary for generating innovation. In addition to its previous focus on gender, nationality and seniors, it is also now placing a focus on individual diversity as it works to put inclusion into practice, with the goal of seeing diversity revitalize the organization and contribute to business success.

D&I Roadmap for 2021


Selected as “Nadeshiko Brand”

In 2022, Chugai was chosen by METI and TSE as a Nadeshiko Brand. Chugai has been also selected for four consecutive years from 2015 to 2018 and two consecutive years from 2021 to 2022. The Nadeshiko Brand has been implemented jointly with METI and TSE since FY2012, with the aim of attracting investors’ attention to corporate efforts to promote the role of women and further accelerating the efforts of each company by selecting listed companies that excel in promoting the role of women in workplace as attractive stocks that emphasize “medium- to long-term corporate value enhancement”.

Nadeshiko Brand logo

Chugai wins New Diversity Management Selection 100 Award

In March 2018, Chugai won New Diversity Management Selection 100 Award, through which METI recognizes those companies which have successfully improved corporate value through diversity management. The program evaluates and recognizes companies which have delivered results by leveraging the capabilities of diverse human resources, including women, the elderly and foreign nationals.

New Diversity Management Selection 100 logo

Certified as “Eruboshi”

Certification from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare granted to companies that meet certain criteria and have excellent initiatives based on the “Act on the Promotion of Women’s Active Engagement in Professional Life”. Chugai met all five criteria and was certified as Tier 3, the highest level of certification, in October 2022.

Please refer to the following link for details.

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Chugai Receives Two Awards in the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s 2014 “Commendation of Companies Promoting Gender Equality and Work-Family Balance”

In the 2014 “Commendation of Companies Promoting Gender Equality and Work-Family Balance” sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Chugai was awarded both the Minister’s Prize for Excellence (Companies promoting gender equality) and the Tokyo Labor Bureau Chief’s Prize for Excellence (Family-friendly companies) for a second consecutive year.
These awards recognize companies that are making exemplary efforts to proactively encourage female workers to demonstrate their full potential, and to support a balance between work, childcare and nursing care. Chugai believes that these two awards were presented together in recognition of its initiatives in these areas to date.

PRIDE Index “Gold” Certification

PRIDE index evaluates initiatives related to LGBTQ+ and other sexual minorities in organizations such as companies, sponsored by the voluntary organization “work with Pride”.
Chugai group met all five evaluation indicators and received the highest rating of “Gold” in 2022.

Please refer to the following link for details.

PRIDE Index Gold logo
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Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion

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