D&I Promotion System

In 2010, a working group headed by Chugai’s president was assembled and began activities to promote gender diversity, the most familiar type of diversity. In 2012 we established the Diversity Office to broaden these activities and promote diversity not only of gender, but also of nationality and age. Divisional diversity and inclusion promotion teams have also been set up, and have conducted their activities to promote diversity and inclusion in accordance with conditions in their respective divisions.

Gender Diversity Management Working Team Activities (2010-2011)

Conducted awareness surveys on gender and identified and analyzed issues. Set and achieved targets for increasing the number of female managers

Female employees in managerial positions selected from each division conducted awareness surveys on gender and identified and analyzed issues. In 2011, they submitted a report to management, and the contents of that report became the foundation for the start of gender diversity promotion initiatives.

Based on those responses, a numerical target of 60 female managers for the year 2015 (double the number in 2010) was set as part of the effort to promote the active participation of women in business, a target that was subsequently achieved.

Currently, the ratio of females in managerial position is 14.6% *1 and the ratio of female managers (who have subordinates) is 13.0% *2 as of December 2020. As of the end of 2023, we have set a target of 17% for each and are working on it.

  • *1 Calculated based on the number of employees of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (non-consolidated)
  • *2 Calculated based on the number of employees of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (non-consolidated) and affiliated companies in Japan

Divisional Diversity and Inclusion Promotion Team Activities

Members take actions geared to the issues in each division

Conference of Those in Charge of Promotion

Themes related to diversity and inclusion are related to a wide variety of fields. Currently, in addition to the HRBP and HR managers of each division, the D&I promotion members play a central role and are proactively working on activities, in accordance with the actual situation of the division. For example, spreading understanding of support for balancing work with childcare and nursing care, female employee’s advancement and diversity, and inclusions, etc. and solving other issues.

In addition, we regularly provide opportunities to share information and exchange opinions between the division and Diversity Office regarding the activity status, the issues in the division, and the direction of company-wide policies and measures.

Chugai Diversity DAYS

Held every year as a place to think about D&I and promote each individual’s actions

With the aim of accelerating the promotion of diversity and inclusion, we hold “Chugai Diversity DAYS” online for all employees (applicants), including executive officers and Heads of Divisions/Units.

In 2021, it was held for three days under the theme of “Understanding the three actions (communicate, discuss, accept) required for inclusion and transforming the behavior of individuals and organizations.” On the first day, we sent out messages on thoughts and actions necessary for each employee through a lecture by a Division Head including his own experience and talk sessions among Division Heads. In addition, employees who are collaborating with external organizations shared their cases and discussed in a panel discussion. From the second day onward, we held workshops on individual themes such as “Thinking about new work style from the perspective of diversity and inclusion” and “Creating a team in a project where diverse members gathered”. In addition, this event continues to send top messages about D&I every year. By sharing our awareness that diversity and inclusion are indispensable for the growth of the company amid rapid environmental changes and technological innovation again at this event, we renew our determination for further promotion.

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Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion

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