D&I Data

(On a non-consolidated basis, as of December 31 of each year)

  2019 2020 2021
Percentage of female employees 28.6% 29.4% 30.2%
Average age Male 44yrs 6mos
Female 39yrs 5mos
Male 44yrs 8mos
Female 39yrs 8mos
Male 44yrs 10mos
Female 39yrs 10mos
Average service years Male 18yrs 5mos
Female 13yrs 2mos
Male 18yrs 6mos
Female 13yrs 4mos
Male 18yrs 4mos
Female 13yrs 4mos
Percentage of female employees at managerial level*1 13.7% 14.6% 15.9%
Percentage of female managers*2 12.6% 13.7% 15.0%
Number of female directors 0 1 1
Number of female board members 1 2 2
Percentage of employees taking childcare leave*3 Male 83.9%
Female 100.0%
Male 77.0%
Female 100.0%
Male 100.0%
Female 93.7%
Percentage of employees using telework system Male 42.5%
Female 63.5%
*4 *4
  • *1 based on employees of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Non-consolidated)
  • *2 based on employees of Chugai Group companies in Japan (Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. + affiliate companies in Japan)
  • *3 The number of employees who gave birth in the relevant fiscal year is calculated as a parameter, and the number of employees who started long-term absence from work for child care is calculated as the number of the numerator.
  • *4 Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, employees were requested to work from home in principle
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