By establishing the Mid-term Environmental Goals 2030 and actively working to reduce its environmental impact, Chugai will contribute to achieving a sustainable society.

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Environment, Health and Safety Group, Sustainability Department
Atsushi Suda

Chugai Group Environmental Protection Activities

The Chugai Group believes that global environmental protection is an important issue for the sustainable growth of both society and companies. We have established mid-term environmental goals, the final year of which is 2020, and have been working to achieve those targets. To continue and further accelerate those efforts, we have also formulated our next set of mid-term environmental goals, with a final year of 2030.

The next mid-term environmental goals are for a sustainable society, with targets established around three priority themes: Climate change countermeasures, resource recycling and protection of biodiversity. Climate change countermeasures, in particular, are seen as an urgent, cross-border global issue for advanced and developing countries alike, and we believe they are of special importance. As a result, we have established a goal for reducing CO2 emissions in 2030 by 50% or more compared to 2020, as well as a long-term goal for 2050 of zero emissions. Because Chugai is a member of the Roche Group, the goals we have set incorporate the important perspective of contributing to helping Roche achieve its own targets. Further, because each of the priority themes include items that may be in conflict with one another, making them extremely challenging to achieve, the goals have been set through close cooperation between each of our divisions. Setting these environmental goals is the first step in a achieving a sustainable society. Accomplishing this requires a global-scale perspective that takes into account future technological innovation. By also taking innovative action in environmental protection, our goal is to become a leading company both in the pharmaceutical industry and globally.

Chugai is a life sciences company, and engages in many scientific and specialized activities. As such, we have a considerable role to play in protecting the environment. We view our environmental protection activities as a critical foundation that supports all of our business activities. Therefore, we have set priority items and medium- and long-term targets not only for the sustainable development of the company but also for protection of the environment of communities and the whole planet, and are promoting these as companywide endeavors.

In response to demands from society, we are taking an integrated approach to environmental protection and occupational safety and health, which are closely related, and are addressing EHS issues under a unified management framework.

Material Issues

  • Climate change countermeasures
  • Use of renewable/ recycled resources
  • Protection of biodiversity
  • EHS management system

Environment Initiatives

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