In the Pharmaceutical Technology Division, Chugai is working to drastically reduce energy consumption through measures such as the introduction of energy usage visualization systems and the energy conservation project activities.

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Production Engineering Group 2, Ukima Plant, Chugai Pharma Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Masatake Takei

Energy visualization energy-saving project by the Pharmaceutical Technology Division

To achieve our environmental targets for 2020, the Pharmaceutical Technology Division has been working on an energy visualization energy-saving project.

In this project, we began by introducing a system for visualizing energy use after the results of our estimates showed that construction based on energy efficiency requirements along with equipment upgrades would not be sufficient to reach our targets. This system measured and recorded energy intensity levels in the manufacturing process of products when combined with productivity improvement activities such as cost refinement for each product that were carried out simultaneously. Introduction of the system was completed in 2016. As a result of exhaustive comparison and analysis of energy consumption at our three plants, we were able to verify the efficiency of each production process and the factors involved, and created an action plan that we expect will lead to achievement of our targets.

This project will reach the finish line in 2020, but new mid- to long-term targets should be set that same year. We will apply the expertise and skills we have acquired to drive further development of our environmental activities.

Chugai is a life sciences company, and engages in many scientific and specialized activities. As such, we have a considerable role to play in protecting the environment. We view our environmental protection activities as a critical foundation that supports all of our business activities. Therefore, we have set priority items and medium- and long-term targets not only for the sustainable development of the company but also for protection of the environment of communities and the whole planet, and are promoting these as companywide endeavors.

In response to demands from society, we are taking an integrated approach to environmental protection and occupational safety and health, which are closely related, and are addressing EHS issues under a unified management framework.

Material Issues

  • Climate change countermeasures
  • Protection of biodiversity
  • Use of renewable/recycled resources
  • EHS management system

Environment Initiatives

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