Environmental, Health and Safety Policy/Basic Approach

The Chugai Group considers environmental protection and occupational health and safety to be important platform that underpin the realization of its mission to benefit the medical community and human health around the world.

Because environmental protection is closely linked with health and safety, the Chugai Group has built a unified management system to advance these efforts more efficiently, in response to global demand for an integrated approach to managing the environment, health and safety (EHS). In addition to introducing this system, we have established basic regulations and use a PDCA cycle at each facility to manage these activities, with the goal of achieving long-term sustainable growth for the Chugai Group and for society as a whole.

Environment, Health and Safety Policy

The Environment, Health and Safety Policy was established in January 2017 with the approval of the Executive Committee and reported of the Board of Directors, in order to achieve integrated promotion of EHS within the Chugai Group. The Policy stipulates that we aim to solve social issues related to EHS by cooperating with stakeholders such as local communities, and with financial institutions, government agencies, and various groups. The Policy applies to all of our group companies in Japan and other countries, and forms the basis for all of our EHS activities.

The Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and its domestic and overseas subsidiaries (“Chugai Group”) establishes the Policy on Environment, Health and Safety (“Policy”) to define the basic principles concerning Environment, Health, and Safety (“EHS”). The Policy also ensures that Chugai Group will conduct corporate activities that conserve the environment, and protects the health and safety of employees.

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

  • The directors, officers, and employees of any company in the Chugai Group (“We”) shall not only comply with applicable national and foreign laws and regulations, and international arrangements, but also set and strive to achieve ambitious voluntary standards pertaining to EHS activities*1.

Promotion of EHS activities

  • The Chugai Group shall promote EHS activities by setting objectives and targets for social issues related to EHS identified as materiality and shall continuously improve the EHS management system through monitoring and risk analysis.
  • Under the EHS management system, we shall take initiative in promoting EHS activities on an ongoing basis.
  • Based on the results of the risk analysis, we shall strive to prevent or control damage by formulating and implementing appropriate measures against environmental pollution and occupational accidents.

Provision of education and training

  • Each company of the Chugai Group will provide education and training on an ongoing basis to enhance the employees’ knowledge and deepen their understanding of environmental conservation and health and safety.

Communication with stakeholders

  • Each company of the Chugai Group shall disclose information relating to EHS activities proactively, and make efforts to communicate with local communities.
  • Through communication with stakeholders, we shall promote efforts to solve social issues related to EHS.
  • *1 The term “EHS activities” means: (a) initiatives to, for example, protect climate change, reduce resources and waste, prevent pollution, and maintain biodiversity throughout the entire process of medicinal products (i.e. from R&D to manufacturing, transportation, marketing and sales, and disposal); and (b) initiatives to, among other things, secure occupational safety which takes precedence over any other activities, maintain and improve the health of employees, and establish a comfortable working environment.

Date of Enactment: January 1, 2017
Date of the Latest Revision: February 1, 2024

Basic Approach to Environment, Health and Safety

Guided by our Environment, Health and Safety Policy, the Chugai Group contributes to global environmental conservation as set forth in the Chugai Group Code of Conduct, and aims to promote health management through improved workplace safety and health, which are part of respect for human rights. Under the EHS promotion system, we are proactively working on minimizing our impact on the global environment, maintaining and improving the health of our employees, and promoting a safe working environment.

Regarding global environmental conservation, we will set targets for the three issues identified as materiality: climate change countermeasures, recycling-oriented resource use, and biodiversity conservation, as we work to help realize a sustainable global environment. While pursuing these initiatives, we will not only comply with environmental laws and regulations, but also promote autonomous activities based on the unique circumstances of the Chugai Group, such as handling antibodies and highly pharmacologically active substances, and contribute to solving social issues.

In addition, regarding health management, we know that employee health is an important asset, and are improving this aspect of our management by cooperating with labor unions and health insurance associations to identify risks, set qualitative and quantitative targets, plan and implement relevant measures, verify results, and keep implementing the PDCA cycle. While setting goals for achieving the six priorities – cancer, preventable diseases, mental health, health literacy, physical safety in the workplace, and psychological safety in the workplace – our health management aims for the development of workplaces where everyone can enjoy favorable conditions.

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