Chugai Group Declaration on Health

As a healthcare company, the Chugai Group recognizes the importance of employee health, and has worked to maintain and promote health.
The Chugai Group, as a top pharmaceutical company, will further improve productivity, pursue innovation and aim to enhance corporate value from the viewpoints of “economic performance,” “social awareness” and “human development.”*
We believe that it is essential to realize an active and sound organizational culture where employees, who are the main driving force, can work positively in good physical and mental health.
We hereby declare that we will work to maintain and promote employees’ “individual health” as well as “organizational health” in the Chugai Group to realize health and productivity management.

December 1, 2017
Representative Director and Deputy Chairman
Motoo Ueno

Chugai Group Declaration on Health [PDF 55KB]

  • * Economic performance, social awareness and human development represent, respectively, working toward profit growth and achieving lasting development; continuing to respond to the needs of society as a pharmaceutical company; and creating an environment in which employees can find work rewarding and continue to enhance their capabilities. Chugai has long sought to pursue these three elements in the belief that balancing them on a high level will lead to enhanced corporate value and sustained growth.
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Health and Productivity Management

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