Health and Productivity Management

At Chugai, we believe that a satisfying and rewarding work environment where all employees can do their jobs in good physical and mental health is the foundation for growth. We are focusing on health and productivity management to contribute to the health of individuals and the health of the organization at the same time. Being a life sciences company, we frequently handle materials that significantly affect the human body, and therefore place high priority on ensuring the safety of our employees. In addition, we are undertaking companywide initiatives based on an EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) management system that integrates environmental protection and occupational health and safety management, which are closely related.

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Initiatives for Health and Productivity Management

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    The Chugai Group sees health and productivity management as a mid- to long-term strategy, and is advancing a number of initiatives unique to Chugai.

    Environment, Health and Safety Group, Human Resources Management Dept.
    Kyoko Ito

    Health and Productivity Management Initiatives as a Medium to Long-term Strategy

    Chugai has long positioned employee safety and health as important topics for management, and in December 2017, we announced both in and outside the Company our commitment to health and productivity management as a medium to long-term strategy, not just to address issues as they arise or become apparent. Based on this principle, we are advancing health and productivity management by implementing a PDCA cycle for each of the six priority items (cancer, lifestyle diseases, mental health, health literacy, workplace safety and organizational climate), which we have established based on an analysis of company-wide issues.

    Distinctive features of this initiative include collaboration with multiple departments, health insurance unions and labor unions from the initial planning stage, as well as the establishment of quantitative goals with deadlines. In line with “TOP I 2030,” our new growth strategy, we also reviewed the specific items and KPIs for our health and productivity management medium-term goals. We also took this opportunity to set up an internal website, and are making efforts to familiarize our employees with the issues via the distribution of a newsletter and other means. We have already seen results from our past efforts to improve cancer screening rates and to reinvigorate the organization based on the results of stress checks, and we plan to engage in various measures to address the other priority items as well. Health is affected by a complex interplay of a variety of factors, making it difficult to understand the extent to which individual health indicators affect an improvement in health status. We would like to consider designing a comprehensive index for assessing efforts to address health issues, so that it might lead to qualitative improvements in health and productivity management.

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