Countermeasures against Smoking

Under the “Chugai Group Declaration on Health”, the Chugai Group has established six priority items for managing health and productivity: managing cancer, lifestyle-related diseases, mental health, improving health literacy, managing physical safety in the workplace, and psychological safety in the workplace. Smoking is an important social issue. Chugai decided to strengthen smoking restrictions as a means of managing cancer, lifestyle-related diseases, and physical safety in the workplace, which are among the priority items in our health and productivity management. On September 25, 2019, we thereby announced the “Chugai Group Non-Smoking Declaration,” which aims to reduce the smoking rate among employees to zero percent and will strive to achieve this goal across the Group.

Non-Smoking Declaration

Chugai Group Non-Smoking Declaration

The Chugai Group promotes health and productivity management to keep employees working healthy and to provide a working environment that supports their wellbeing. We believe this is our responsibility as a company with a goal of becoming the top innovator in the healthcare industry. We will work together to promote non-smoking throughout the Chugai Group, with a goal of “zero percent” smoking-rate among all employees, thus eliminating the negative impacts caused by smoking including passive smoking.

September 25, 2019
Representative Director, President & CEO
Tatsuro Kosaka

News Release: Chugai Announces Non-Smoking Declaration (September 25, 2019) [PDF 295KB]

Goals and initiatives to achieve non-smoking Within Chugai Group (In Japan)

Goals (in Japan):

  • End of 2030: Achieve a zero percent smoking rate

* The smoking rate for each year is calculated in the middle of the following year.


  • Implement gradual smoking control programs on a clear timeline
  • Develop policy to avoid recruitment of smokers (Japan offices only)
  • Encourage smokers to quit

Activities to date:

  • Non-Smoking Declaration announced internally and externally (September 2019)
  • Company policy made known through training for all employees (October to December 2019)
  • Experiences of successful quitters shared internally (beginning July 2020)
  • Smoking cessation support project launched (beginning January 2020)
  • Smoking prohibited in all workplaces (September 2020)
  • Smoking prohibited during work hours (end of 2021)
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Health and Productivity Management

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