Education and Training

Chugai conducts systematic education and training.

EHS Risk Assessment

Since 2014, each facility conducts an EHS risk assessment at least once every three years. Briefings are held as needed for those conducting the assessments in an effort to familiarize them with the significance of the EHS risk assessments and to maintain and improve their assessment techniques.


Internal environmental auditor training at the Fujieda Plant

The Chugai Group believes that findings and problems identified by internal environmental auditors with global knowledge and perspective play an important role in supporting effective governance, and we are focused on developing internal environmental auditors with global-level capabilities.

Since 2014, we have utilized the Organization Employing Auditors (OEA) scheme of the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA; England) to maintain and standardize the caliber of our internal environmental auditors. Within the internal environmental audit structure, IRCA-certified (provisional) internal environmental auditors act as leaders of the internal environmental audit team and play a central role in promoting environmental management system activities with the goal of contributing to environment-oriented management.

Health and Safety

The Chugai Group believes that the basis of maintaining and improving health lies in individual health literacy and has set improvement in health literacy as a priority item. Therefore, in accordance with the medium- to long-term goals of Health and Productivity Management and the annual activity plan, we provide education and training to all group employees or persons in charge every year.

The Chugai Group Code of Conduct (CCC) promotes Health and Productivity Management in the pursuit of innovation and respect for human rights. During training for all group employees, we explain the intention of the Health Declaration and Health and Productivity Management at least once a year to promote understanding. We also provide education on illness awareness, self-check of health diagnosis results, necessity of re-medical examinations, and self-care of mental health, focusing on the priority items of Health and Productivity Management. In addition, we explain the results of the group analysis of stress checks, which are conducted once a year, to each basic organization manager, and have established a support system so that they can exercise leadership for “organizational health” as well as implementing activities to improve the working environment in organizations that require it. At each business site, we hold lectures and the likes on health at least once a year according to the annual plan.

Through these activities, Chugai aims to achieve its vision of health and productivity management to a state in which “employees strive autonomously to maintain and improve their health, and everyone continues to work in good conditions.”

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Health and Productivity Management

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