Chugai Pharmaceutical Risk Appetite Statement

Chugai’s Mission Statement is the basis of the business activities we pursue to create shared value with society and increase corporate value. In these business activities, the Chugai Group regards risk as any phenomenon that hinders the achievement of management goals and the execution of strategy.
To support appropriate strategic decision-making and smooth business operations, we have formulated the Risk Appetite Statement that sets out our policy in response to risk. It is intended not only to promote a healthy risk culture but also to serve as a comprehensive basis for the judgments and actions of individual employees.

Risks associated with the pursuit of innovation

  • Our reason for being and the source of our growth lies in the “pursuit of innovation.” We aim to become a “top innovator in the healthcare industry” that creates shared value with society by pursuing the achievement of advanced and sustainable healthcare, and creates new solutions to unmet medical need around the world by pursuing innovation with cutting-edge science, technology, and digital innovation.
    Therefore, we will analyze the business environment surrounding the Company, our strengths, and patient needs, and the outlook for science and technology, and understand the expectations and demands of society in a timely and appropriate manner while identifying the potential risks in our management strategies and individual projects. We will also take risks to boldly and aggressively pursue the creation of innovation while taking necessary measures such as the selective concentration of management resources, enhancement of collaboration and cooperation with external partners, and utilization of digital technologies.
  • In order to create innovation, it is essential to realize a comfortable working environment where all employees can maximize their abilities by respecting their diversity and human rights, and to quickly identify, cultivate, acquire, and promote the activities of highly specialized personnel and leaders who will drive the achievement of strategic goals and innovation.
    Given this, we strive to minimize all risks that interfere with the creation of innovation and prevent highly specialized and diverse personnel from actively participating in the company. At the same time, we respect the organizational culture, system design, and decision-making that encourages people to take on new challenges.

Risks that hinder the efficacy and safety / quality assurance / stable supply of products

  • The efficacy and safety of our products and the quality that assures them are of utmost importance in order for us to stably deliver value to patients.
  • Accordingly, in our pursuit of products and innovation, we must thoroughly verify efficacy and safety and ensure a high level of quality, with an awareness of the potential risk of unexpected side effects.
  • While utilizing digital technologies, we implement measures from the perspective of economic efficiency, such as ensuring appropriate division of labor and collaboration in our business processes (research, development, marketing, medical affairs, pharmaceutical safety, intellectual property / quality assurance), enhancing global supply chain management, and maintaining and enhancing global quality systems. In addition, on the economic side we optimize productivity and inventory management and strive to avoid and reduce risks that may interfere with the stable supply of products whose efficacy and safety are ensured.

Risk of non-compliance

  • Based on our view that “corporate ethics have priority over performance,” we will not only comply with laws and regulations, but also thoroughly ensure that our decisions and actions are based on social values, ethics, and fairness. Therefore, we have formulated the mission statement (=corporate philosophy), group code of conduct and other internal regulations/guidelines and will not allow any decisions or actions that go against these, or tolerate any risks that go against compliance.
    In addition, in order to ensure compliance throughout the supply chain, we require good faith activities based on high ethical standards not only within our group but also for our business partners.

Risks related to our social responsibility as a corporate citizen

  • We believe it is our responsibility as a corporate citizen to maintain and develop the global environment and social systems upon which our existence is based.
  • We strive to address the issues faced by the local and international community, consider how we should contribute as Chugai Pharmaceutical, and contribute to the resolution of environmental issues and social discrimination / human rights violations in society by striving to preserve the environment and respect human rights in all of our business activities in cooperation with various stakeholders. At the same time, by actively engaging in social contribution activities, particularly in the area of healthcare and welfare, we will strive to reduce the risk of failing to fulfill our role and responsibilities as a corporate citizen and damaging the trust placed in us by society.
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