Basic Concept of Social Contribution Activities

1. Basic Concept

As a member of society, Chugai engages in social contribution activities to help solve social issues, contributing our resources and professional capabilities without seeking direct compensation. We actively promote activities that contribute to society while maintaining partnerships with society. We also encourage and support the engagement of individual employees in social contribution activities. Chugai keeps its stakeholders informed properly about its efforts in social contribution activities.

2. Priority areas for social contribution activities (areas of engagement)

2.1 Healthcare

Chugai contributes to promoting and developing science and technology, especially in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, and improving access to healthcare, making use of the knowledge and experience obtained through business activities. We also contribute to human health through our charitable activities as a life-related company.

2.2 Social Welfare

Chugai addresses issues of local welfare and supports people in leading lives of good health and wellbeing as a good corporate citizen in the communities where it does business.

2.3 Inclusive Society

At Chugai, we believe that the realization of inclusive society where all kinds of people can play an active part based on their own unique characteristics will lead to growth and sustainable development in society as a whole. In collaboration with NPOs, educational institutions, and other related organizations, we are endeavoring to promote mutual respect for each other’s uniqueness and a greater understanding of diversity.

2.4 Next Generation Development

In order to foster the human resources who will support our future society and drive its development, Chugai provides educational programs for students from elementary school to university, in collaboration with government agencies, NPOs, educational institutions, and other partners. We deliver educational programs that are designed to meet local needs and share knowledge developed through our business in scientific fields related to medicine and pharmaceutical science.

2.5 Local Community

2.5.1 Support in disasters

In response to earthquakes, typhoons, and other natural disasters and unforeseeable calamities, Chugai will cooperate in efforts to restore healthy lives for people in affected areas by offering its support to government agencies and professionals.

2.5.2 Local community promotion

At the locations of our places of business, Chugai contributes to local community promotion as a member of the community.

2.5.3 Harmony with nature

Chugai emphasizes harmony with nature and the environment in its corporate activities. Supporting environmental conservation and contributing to a sustainable society is a part of our mission.

3. Involvement of Chugai

The following are key matters in determining the social contribution activities that Chugai will support and implement.

  • Activities that can benefit from the capabilities of Chugai (strengths, technologies, expertise)
  • Activities that address important social needs where Chugai can make a clear contribution
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Social Contribution

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