Five Priority Areas

[Area 1:Healthcare] Support the foundations of patient-centric, sustainable healthcare

To achieve sustainable, patient-centric healthcare, we not only provide pharmaceuticals and services, which are the core of our business, but also will promote research and education in the fields of medicine and pharmacology, engage in activities that support the treatment and daily lives of patients, and promote activities to deliver healthcare to people around the world.

Promoting research and education in medicine and pharmacology

  • Support the activities of the Chugai Foundation for Innovative Drug Discovery Science
  • Support the research, education and awareness activities of those involved in healthcare

Supporting patient treatments and livelihoods

  • Provide information on illnesses and treatments
  • Awareness-raising support campaign to foster bonds to fight cancer
  • SPOTLIGHT, patient-centric activities to help resolve social issues in the field of rare disease
  • Support for the activities of patient groups
  • Collaboration with patient groups

Improving access to health and medical care for the world’s people

  • Support for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and promotion of safe hospital deliveries in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Training for multidisciplinary team care between physicians, nurses and other various healthcare professionals and support for development of resource-appropriate guidelines for the cancer treatment, etc., in low- and middle-income countries.

[Area 2:Social Welfare] Expand healthy lives to people facing difficulties

We will work with a variety of people involved in welfare to help those facing difficult situations in and outside Japan to lead healthier lives. As we contribute to improving the lives of the elderly and disabled, we will promote support for those facing difficulties the world over.

Improving the lives of the elderly and those with disabilities

  • Donation of home-based welfare transport service vehicles to facilities across Japan to be used as a means of transportation to improve access to welfare.
    *This practice has continued since the project was launched in 1985 to mark the 60th anniversary of our founding.

Supporting children in developing countries and refugees

  • Our employees participate in the Roche Children’s Walk, Roche Group’s worldwide charity event to support children in developing countries.
  • Refugee assistance through the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Donations from Group employees are matched with an equivalent contribution from the Company and donated

[Area 3:Inclusive Society] Expand a healthy society in which diverse people can each shine in their own way

We will promote a variety of initiatives to achieve a society in which people can live together with diverse people, each in their own way and in good health, regardless of disability, gender or other attributes.

Promoting inclusivity through sports

  • As an official partner of the Japanese Para Sports Association, we support athletes and athletic organizations while promoting and raising awareness of para-sports. (Chugai Supports Para-Sports)
  • Offering opportunities for children with disabilities to enjoy sports
  • We support the spread of adaptive sports-sports that can be enjoyed together by everyone, whether disabled or not.

Promoting inclusivity through cultural activities

  • We provide sponsorship of the POCORART exhibit, a place where people can meet, interact and influence one another regardless of disability.
  • Support for activities for children with disabilities to learn, including music and dance, expanding a variety of possibilities.

Promoting women’s participation and advancement

  • Sponsorship of events and the likes to support women’s participation and advancement with the theme of “Living your authentic life”
  • Support for “Amputee Venus,” a project featuring women with prosthetic legs

[Area 4:Next Generation Development] Expand the future of well-being

We will continue to promote activities to increase interest in science and medicine among the next generation, who will lead society in the future. Our goal is to develop human resources who will work together to expand the creation of a future healthy society.

Cultivating an interest in biotechnology/science

  • Holding biotechnology experiment classes
  • Support for science experiment classes and other events aimed at increasing interest in science and living things among children
  • Holding experimental classes and promoting educational activities for the purpose of developing women scientists

Advancing career education for students

  • Accepting company visits by junior high and high school students, and conducting on-site lessons at schools

Expanding learning opportunities via the website

  • “Learning about Biotechnology” and “The Body and Drugs”, which provide easy-to-understand explanations of scientific knowledge about drug discovery and the body, are available on the website.
  • Releasing an educational website for kids [“So-Zo LABO” by a Pharmaceutical Company] that contains content that fosters a proper understanding of illness and compassion for people with illness.

[Area 5:Local Communities] Work with local residents to expand sustainable communities

Working with people in a variety of communities, including our business sites, we promote initiatives to form healthy local communities. In addition to promoting preservation of the natural environment and other local community activities, we also provide immediate assistance in the event of disasters.

Preserving the natural environment

  • Support for activities to preserve the forests that are the source of water for our offices and branches, and employee volunteer participation
  • Holding environmental education events using thinned lumber

Promoting local community activities

  • Participating in local community activities in areas around our offices and branches

Recovering and reconstructing disaster-stricken areas

  • Support activities for disaster-stricken areas in the event of disasters
  • Supporting the recovery of disaster-stricken regions by holding charity product sales and other events
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