Initiatives for Ethics and Compliance

Corporate Activities Based on the Chugai Code of Practice

The foreword to the IFPMA Code of Practice begins, “Advancing medical knowledge and improving global public health depend on information-sharing interactions by the entire medical community – from researcher to attending physician and nurse to patient – and integrity is essential to these exchanges. Fundamentally, there must always be confidence that prescription decisions are made on an ethical and patient-focused basis.”

The Chugai Group is a proactive participant in the Fair Trade Council of the Ethical Pharmaceutical Drugs Marketing Industry, the entity which issues the pharmaceutical industry’s voluntary guidelines, and in the Code Committee of the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association. We have also established our own Chugai Code of Practice, and promote ethical corporate behavior not only in our promotional activities but also in the interactions between all of our officers and employees with researchers, medical professionals and patient groups.

CCC and Human Rights Training

Chugai conducts annual training for all employees. In the first half of the year, the content focuses on corporate ethics, and in the second, on respect for human rights.

In the first half of 2019, training was implemented around our revised Chugai Group Code of Conduct (“CCC”), based on a new management policy calling for the creation of shared value, and new initiatives in sustainability and prevention of workplace power harassment.
Training including confirming new content incorporated in and changes made to the CCC, while also reviewing the Company’s approach to sustainability, the need to promote sustainability, and the importance of efforts involving SDGs, a global trend.
Further, we also confirmed the importance of preventing power harassment in the workplace and creating a better working environment in which all employees respect one another.

In the second half, training focused on the themes of unconscious bias and health and productivity management.
We confirmed the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion (“D&I”) by understanding unconscious bias – an inhibiting factor in D&I – and learning how to respond, leveraging diversity without being bound by unconscious bias.
In health and productivity management, we reviewed the Company’s approach to measures against lifestyle-related diseases, one of the priority items, and the thinking behind the Chugai Group Non-smoking Declaration. We gained an understanding of policies aimed at addressing smoking, while also confirming the importance of individual efforts to maintain and enhance personal well-being.

CCC Hotline

The CCC Hotline is available to provide consultation for and receive reports from the Chugai Group employees and other individuals regarding laws, Company rules, the CCC or related matters. Issues reported are investigated impartially and with strict confidentiality to find a solution while respecting the opinion of the person who made the report.

Company rules prohibit retaliation or any other disadvantageous treatment of employees who seek consultation or make reports via the hotline. The goal of using the CCC Hotline to respond to problems or other matters that are difficult to discuss and resolve in the workplace is to create a reassuring work environment for all employees.

In addition, in-house area counselors and an external hotline have been set up to handle issues regarding harassment.

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Ethics and Compliance

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