Web Accessibility

The Chugai Group strives to ensure, maintain, and improve the accessibility of its websites with the aim of complying with WCAG 2.0*1, a global standard guideline set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), in order to make the websites more accessible to all.

  • *1 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (Dec. 11, 2008)


Each corporate website of the Chugai Group and the patient and public websites operated by Chugai are subject to this policy. However, some pages using external services contain code that we cannot control and are therefore excluded from the scope.

Examples of external services

  • Euroland Stock Information Service
  • Google Map
  • YouTube

Target Achievement Criteria

Compliant with “WCAG 2.0” level AA recommended by W3C.


We conduct quality reviews based on the Japan Industrial Standards “WCAG 2.0”, which are consistent with the W3C (International Standard “ISO/IEC 40500: 2012”) “JIS X 8341 -3: 2016”.

To address the issue of accessibility, we have started from the main pages, and the current status of compliance is as explained below. We will continue to conduct reviews on a regular basis and gradually increase the number of pages that meet our target achievement criteria.

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