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Chugai Pharmaceutical in Numbers

Our Company

  • Years since foundation

    98years Founded on march 10, 1925

  • Number of employees

    7,771(consolidated Group) 5,103(parent company only)As of December 31,2022

  • Average age

    43years 5months, Male: 44years 11months, Female: 40years As of December 31,2022

  • Average years of service

    16years 10months, Male: 18years 4months, Female: 13years 6months As of December 31,2022

Our Business

  • Share of cancer-related
    products market in Japan

    No.1FY 2022

    Copyright © 2023 IQVIA.
    Source: JPM 2022. Reprinted with permission.
    The scope of the market is defined by Chugai.

  • Share of antibody drug
    sales in Japan

    No.1(21.5%)FY 2022

    Ronapreve is excluded from the calculation of sales share for 2021 as the drug was not yet included on the NHI price list (supply to government).
    *5 Copyright © 2023 IQVIA.
    Source: JPM 2022. Reprinted with permission.
    The scope of the market is defined by Chugai.

  • Number of Breakthrough Therapy

    9 As of October, 2023

    *A system introduced in July 2012 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration aimed at expediting the development and review of drugs for the treatment of severe or life-threatening diseases or symptoms

  • Countries approving
    Chugai Pharmaceutical products

    110 or more As of July, 2023

  • Satisfaction rating among
    medical practitioners
    (cancer; in obtaining information
    other than MRs)

    No.1 FY 2022

    Source: Multimedia White Paper on Physicians _ Summer 2022 published by MCI DIGITAL, based on the survey of oncologists “owned media ranking (1st), non-pharma medical websites ranking (1st)”

  • Satisfaction rating among
    medical practitioners
    (providing safety information)

    No.1 in Japan FY 2022

    Source: INTAGE Healthcare Inc., 2022 questionnaire about safety information needs

Comfortable Workplace

  • Average monthly overtime

    20.5 hours Non-statutory 3.7 hours FY2022

  • Rate of paid leave taken

    65.3% FY 2022

    *Excluding flextime holidays that are granted 4 days per year in addition to paid vacation.

  • Rate of childcare leave taken

    Males: 89.7%, Females: 100% FY 2022

  • Rate of use of
    work-from-home scheme

    100% FY 2021

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