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Latest Results

April 24, 2018

FY2018 1Q Consolidated Financial Overview

Financial Highlight (IFRS)

Consolidated Statements of Income

(millions of yen, rounded to the nearest one million yen)

Revenues Cost of sales Marketing and distribution Research and development General and administration
147,427 (63,829) (15,887) (25,052) (4,297)
Operating profit Operating profit ratio (%) Profit before taxes Net income Basic Earnings per share (Yen)
38,362 26.1 37,653 28,153 51.00

Consolidated Balance Sheets

(millions of yen, rounded to the nearest one million yen)

Total assets Total non-current assets Total current assets Total non-current liabilities Total current liabilities
852,886 248,627 604,260 (21,684) (119,858)
Capital and reserves attributable to Chugai shareholders Investment on property, plant and equipment (billion yen) Equity ratio attributable to Chugai shareholders (%) Annual dividends per share (yen) Interim dividends per share (yen)
710,133 70 83.3 62.00 (Forecast) 31.00 (Forecast)

Revenues: 147.4 billion JPY (+21.9, +17.5% YoY)

Domestic sales excl. Tamiflu®: slight overall decrease despite continuous sales growth of mainstay products (-0.6, -0.7%)
Overseas sales: growth of Actemra® export to Roche, etc. (+6.3, +24.6%)
Royalties and other operating income: one-time income from transfer of long-listed products on HIP list, etc. (+15.4, +211.0%)

Cost of sales / Operating expenses (Core basis)

Cost of sales: the ratio to sales improved due to FX impact, etc. (-0.7% points, from 51.6% to 50.9%)
Operating expenses: overall increase mainly due to the increase of research and development expenses (-3.2, +8.4%)


IFRS results:  
operating profit  38.4 billion JPY (+12.1, +46.0%)
net income  28.2 billion JPY (+9.5, +50.8%)
Core results:  
operating profit  42.8 billion JPY (+16.1, +60.3%)
net income  31.2 billion JPY (+12.3, +65.1%)
EPS  56.52 JPY (+22.30, +65.2%)

Jan-Mar 2018 Sales excluding Tamiflu®

Core Operating Income Jan-Mar

*Amounts are rounded to the nearest 0.1 billion yen.
Variance and % are calculated based on amounts shown.

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