Recruitment Q&A

  • Q1.

    Are employees transferred to other locations?

  • Q2.

    Are employees transferred between job categories? Are they able to submit their preferences of assignments?

  • Q3.

    What is the male-to-female ratio of Chugai Pharmaceutical’s workforce?

  • Q4.

    Are employees with a liberal arts background given opportunities to flourish?

  • Q5.

    What is the dress code for employees?

  • Q6.

    What is the corporate culture like?

  • Q7.

    What kind of efforts does Chugai Pharmaceutical put into human resources development?

  • Q8.

    Do you have any career support programs?

  • Q9.

    What is your image of the type of people are you looking for?

  • Q10.

    What level of English proficiency do you require?

  • Q11.

    Can I apply from an overseas university?

  • Q12.

    I am an international student studying in Japan. I am concerned about my Japanese language ability, so would I able to go through the selection process in English?
    Also, what level of Japanese proficiency is required after joining the Company?

  • Q13.

    Do you accept employees joining the Company in autumn?

  • Q14.

    Do you have any initiatives to support religious diversity?

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