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Human Resources Development and Education Program

  • Talent Management

    Talent Management

    At Chugai Pharmaceutical, we engage in talent management in the belief that it is our talented people who make the generation of further innovation possible. Since 2012, we have been promoting a talent management system with the aim of providing education opportunities that are tailored to each individual’s abilities and aptitudes.

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  • Career Declaration System

    Career Declaration System

    Under the company’s career policy of “We value opportunities for individual employees to realize and nurture their own value for self-direction and mutual growth,” employees have access to a system for declaring their own hopes toward their work and future career directions.

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  • Training Programs

    Training Programs

    Chugai Pharmaceutical offers a broad range of training programs suited to different stages and roles. They include common induction training for all new employees, management training, English proficiency reinforcement programs, and induction programs and specialization reinforcement training run by the individual divisions. We also offer programs that encourage employees to think about their career.

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  • Opportunities for self-growth

    Opportunities for self-growth

    With the aim of supporting self-directed learning and growth, Chugai Pharmaceutical has introduced “I Learning,” a learning platform in which employees can engage in learning anytime, anywhere. Other opportunities for self-growth offered by the company include the Self Innovation Program (SIP), which provides support for employees to take correspondence education courses or attend external programs, and Study Abroad/Qualification Leave, which allows employees to take a leave of absence needed to obtain a degree or qualification (up to three years).

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Work-life Balance

  • Work-related Schemes

    Work-related Schemes

    To enable our diverse employees to fully demonstrate their individual abilities, Chugai Pharmaceutical has introduced flexible working arrangements to increase the flexibility of work styles.
    - Remote Work Scheme
    - Super Flextime Scheme
    - Reduced working hours for employees with small children
    - Reduced working hours for employees with nursing care obligations, etc.

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  • Leave Programs

    Leave Programs

    Chugai Pharmaceutical has introduced a range of leave programs to enable employees to balance their work with life events such as childbirth, childcare, and caring for elderly or infirm family members and to keep working at the company.
    - Childcare Leave
    - Spouse Childbirth Leave
    - Sick Child Care Leave
    - Paid Nursing Care Leave, Nursing Care Leave of Absence, etc.

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  • Support for Balancing Work and Family

    Support for Balancing Work and Family

    Chugai Pharmaceutical’s various initiatives have been recognized with the Platinum Kurumin certification from the national government as “a company that actively provides childcare support to a higher standard.” With initiatives such as the production of a handbook and communication tools for employees to use while on leave, Chugai Pharmaceutical helps its employees to balance their family responsibilities with their work and supports them when they return to work after taking childcare leave.

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  • Initiatives to reduce long working hours

    Initiatives to reduce long working hours

    To raise individual employees’ awareness of their working hours, Chugai Pharmaceuticals continues to make efforts that will foster awareness and encourage action aimed at improving productivity.
    Examples of our many and varied initiatives include the establishment of “no overtime” days and time management training. Through work style reform initiatives, we will continue in our efforts to pursue greater efficiency in work styles and to improve productivity.

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Diversity &

  • Encouraging Our Diverse People to Shine


    At Chugai Pharmaceutical, under the shared recognition that innovation is born from diverse values and specializations, we strive to establish environments that will allow diverse people to shine.
    - Encouragement of women’s active participation in the workplace: Introduction of Female Leader Program, etc.
    - Encouragement of foreign-national employees’ active participation in the workplace: Communication of company information in English, etc.
    - Encouragement of the senior generation’s active participation in the workplace: Establishment of senior taskforce, etc.

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    Independent Evaluation

  • D&I Promotion Activities


    Chugai Pharmaceutical has conducted a variety of initiatives, with employees’ participation, to ensure that D&I penetrates the entire company as part of its organizational culture.
    - Gender Diversity Management Working Team activities
    - Divisional D&I promotion activities
    - Chugai Diversity Days

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