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  • Employees are divided into individual teams at each stage of the new drug development process, namely, drug creation, exploration, and drug discovery, to conduct research based on themes allocated to each team.
  • They conduct research related to commercial production, dosage form and packaging design, and to the development of analysis methods, to ensure stable supply to market of the pharmaceuticals thus created.
  • The main mission of engineering positions is the early establishment of processes developed in the research function, in the form of actual investigational product manufacturing and commercial production plant. Specifically, engineers pursue the installment of manufacturing equipment with the required functions and plant construction projects, by designing plant that takes environment, quality, safety, and production efficiency into account.
  • Entrance requirements: Students specializing in pharmaceuticals, science, and engineering

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The Clinical Development Division aims to establish top-level development frameworks in Japan and overseas, use cutting-edge science to design optimal clinical development plans based on evidence obtained in the drug discovery stage, and implement speedy clinical trials to obtain approval of pharmaceuticals.
※For other jobs, see below.

  • Entrance requirements: Students specializing in pharmaceuticals, science, and engineering
Clinical Development Positions
The Clinical Development Division works with the aims of establishing top-level development frameworks in Japan and overseas, using cutting-edge science to design optimal clinical development plans based on evidence obtained in the drug discovery stage, and implementing speedy clinical trial for obtaining approval of pharmaceuticals.
[Biostatistics Specialist]
These positions have final responsibility for the statistical aspects of new drug development and apply statistical methods to contributions at all stages, from development strategy planning for new drugs to obtaining approval. In recent years, new approaches have become necessary to produce findings with the statistical processing of data from individual divisions. This position involves collaboration with divisions outside Clinical Development, provision of statistics training, and consulting work.
[Data Management (DM)]
This position involves accurate and efficient management of data quality for appropriate data-based decision-making in clinical trials. In recent years, new initiatives have been launched, including the use of new technology for data collection and evaluation and the use of data from medical care information databases.
Clinical Pharmacology Positions
Clinical pharmacology contributes to the success of new drug development by making full use of predictive science to set the appropriate patient profile, dosage and administration. Specifically, these positions contribute to efficient development of new drugs through various tasks, such as the development of advanced measuring methods that contribute to the clarification of pharmacokinetics and biomarker discovery, predictions using modelling and simulation, and the selection of appropriate patients and provision of information based on biomarkers and clinical pharmacological trials.
Safety Positions
The Drug Safety Division is a critical organization in any pharmaceutical company and could be described as the heart of the company. To obtain the reassurance and confidence of patients, it analyzes safety data from development through to post-market from a global perspective and takes urgent action, such as reporting to the regulatory authorities and providing information to medical professionals. 
Reliability Assurance Positions
These positions play a leading role in cross-divisional projects/tasks for ensuring the reliability of information regarding the quality, efficacy, and safety of products under development and of finished products, and for solving issues related to compliance with pharmaceutical legislative systems. They promote continuous improvement initiatives by establishing frameworks and the development of IT systems for processes related to ensuring reliability.
Quality Assurance Positions
These positions have final responsibility for the quality of products shipping to market. They control quality maintenance and improvement activities through compliance with manufacturing-related regulations in Japan and overseas, operation of integrated quality systems from development to commercial production, and the management and supervision of factories. 
Technical Regulatory Experts
These positions play a leading role in the handling of new drug applications and reviews, as well as other various tasks, including negotiations with regulatory authorities, collection, analysis, evaluation, and provision of regulatory information regarding pharmaceuticals, and the production and amendment of package inserts. Other duties include overseas technical regulatory responses, as well as editing, compilation, and management of application documentation for new drugs.
Domain-specific Scientific Positions
With the goal of changing the treatment of current patients for the better, staff in these positions confront the constantly changing nature of healthcare and science, thinking the issues through to the end and taking action until they reach an outcome, to deliver highly scientific data and information that will help to create a brighter future for patients.

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in clinical development positions

Possessing a high degree of academic expert knowledge and a superior sense of ethics, they are pharmaceutical specialists and pharmaceutical company sales representatives who provide information to hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies, etc. and collect information from them regarding the efficacy and safety, etc. of their company’s products. Responding flexibly to change in the medical care environment, each individual MR enhances their own specialty.

  • Entrance requirements: Students specializing in pharmaceuticals, science, and humanities

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Salaries & Welfare

Completed doctoral program 295,000 yen per month
Completed master’s program 265,000 yen per month
*Includes students of six-year pharmacy degrees
Undergraduate degree 240,000 yen per month
*As of April 2020
Allowances Employee welfare allowances, outside duties allowance, remote area allowance,discretionary work allowance, full commuting allowance, other
*As of April 1, 2020
Pay rise Once yearly
Bonus Twice yearly
Holidays and leave Five-day working week (Saturdays and Sundays off), national public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, special leave for weddings and funerals, maternity leave, flex holidays (four days per year), Golden Week holidays, annual paid leave (18 days for first-year employees, increasing to a maximum of 23 days), step-up leave, volunteering leave, other
Insurance Health insurance, welfare pension, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance
Welfare Programs: home loan, personal loan, zaikei (asset-formation) savings plan, employee stock ownership, Well Net Club (mutual benefit association). Facilities: Singles dormitory, company-owned housing, tennis court, sports ground, contracts with resort facilities in various parts of Japan
Efforts to Encourage Smoking Cessation Smoking prohibited in workplaces
Smoking prohibited during working hours (*)
* Excluding breaks and before / after working hours
The Chugai Pharmaceutical Group issued a “Chugai Pharmaceutical Group Non-Smoking Declaration” in September 2019, prohibiting smoking in all workplaces and setting the goal of achieving a “0% smoking rate by the end of 2030”.
Please refer to the news release below for details.
Chugai Pharmaceutical Group Non-Smoking Declaration
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