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Chugai has joined the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI), comprising global pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, and is working to solve social issues throughout the supply chain.

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Business Ethics Group, Sustainability Dept.
Koichi Kawahara

Creating responsible supply chains in cooperation with PSCI

To address social issues such as increasing poverty and inequality, environmental problems and deteriorating working conditions, it is becoming more important for Chugai to broaden its efforts beyond its own activities to the entire supply chain.

In that context, in November 2018 Chugai joined the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI), which is made up of 40 global pharmaceutical companies. Through cooperation with the PSCI, we are conducting supplier evaluations that include compliance and environment, health and safety (EHS) performance. Guided by the PSCI Principles, which lay out the practices the industry expects suppliers to follow, Chugai evaluates the ethical, labor, safety and environmental performance of suppliers, and their management systems, based on the standards of behavior that we expect suppliers to uphold. If findings that require improvement are confirmed, we request that supplier make improvements. Through this approach, we are building a responsible supply chain.

Advances in technology, changing social structures, rising expectations and requests of pharmaceutical companies, and other trends will make the role of supply chains increasingly important. To maintain quality and stable supplies, Chugai will continue to focus on optimizing purchasing activities and building sound relationships with business partners. In addition, to solve social issues in cooperation with business partners, Chugai is working to improve its supply chain management by conducting comprehensive supplier assessments that include elements such as the natural environment, work environment and human rights.

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Supply Chain Management Initiatives

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