Context of Our Efforts to Create Shared Value

Chugai aims to realize advanced and sustainable patient-centric healthcare as it shares value with stakeholders. Here, we explain that approach from three perspectives: “What we will do,” “What we must do,” and “What we can do.”

What We Will Do

Chugai has continuously created innovative drugs and delivered them to patients around the world.

Remarkable advances in life science and digital technologies will drive dramatic changes in social structures. Likewise, the healthcare issues that require solutions are expected to become more sophisticated, diverse and complex. In response, Chugai will deliver value more widely than ever.

We focus on two main kinds of value. One is realizing medical care in which healthcare providers can control diseases and minimize the suffering of patients, even if they cannot eliminate the disease entirely. This will require the creation of pharmaceuticals that offer both greater efficacy and a high level of safety, and giving healthcare providers the tools to accurately grasp medical conditions.

The other value is going beyond treatment with existing pharmaceuticals to provide solutions that offer true value to patients. We believe that the next generation of healthcare will involve delivering overall value to patients by proving treatments that fit their situation and values, and that consider factors such as quality of life after administration of drugs and the psychological, physical and financial burdens.

This will entail providing solutions beyond the realm of products, and encompasses not just treatment, but the entire process from prevention and diagnosis to post-treatment. It will also be important to further raise the value of drug therapies through diagnosis and post-treatment, as well as preventive medicine supported by advances in genomic profiling and digital technologies.

What We Must Do

The problem of financing healthcare systems is becoming increasingly serious in many countries. Given the ongoing growth of populations and a rising proportion of seniors, who have relatively greater need for healthcare, providing healthcare sustainably is a critical issue going forward. Moreover, drug discovery is becoming more difficult, and the cost of creating new drugs is enormous. To ensure sustainable healthcare given limited resources, investment will be focused only on solutions that are truly valuable for patients. A framework for such healthcare must be built.

As a company that plays a prominent role in the pharmaceutical industry, Chugai recognizes that it has an obligation to take greater initiative in resolving social issues. While playing a part in realizing sustainable healthcare, we will continue to raise the quality of our activities across all functions by pursuing innovation from the standpoint of increasing shared value with stakeholders. In this way, we will fulfill the role expected of us by society at a higher level.

What We Can Do

We have determined that the key to Chugai’s creation of shared value is to concentrate on innovation.

Chugai has maintained a commitment to science-based innovation ever since it was founded. We have focused our efforts on innovation with a scientific approach in all areas of our business, from drug discovery to development, production, marketing, medical affairs, safety and quality assurance. As a result, Chugai has a number of unique strengths.

By further refining and reinforcing these strengths, we intend to bring about the realization of advanced and sustainable patient-centric healthcare.

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Sustainability and Business Strategy

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