Human Rights

Chugai will broaden its initiatives to ensure respect for human rights in cooperation with business partners.

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Business Ethics Group, Sustainability Dept.
Emiko Mori

Respecting human rights in cooperation with stakeholders

Corporations have a responsibility to respect the human rights of all people affected by their business operations. As Chugai expands its business activities globally, the range of its responsibilities is also widening. Therefore, we have decided to reinforce our efforts to ensure respect for human rights. We issued a Human Rights Statement in January 2019, and are building a system for conducting supplier due diligence.

In line with our Human Rights Statement, we expect not just employees at Chugai but also our business partners to comply with laws, regulations and social norms. We will also seek the understanding and support of our business partners for policies such as rejection of child labor and forced labor, prohibition of all forms of discrimination, respect for the dignity of individual employees, and consideration for the working environment, including ensuring employee health and safety. In addition, while we conduct ongoing education on human rights for our own employees, we will work to identify human rights issues related to our business activities, and to resolve them in cooperation with relevant groups and organizations.

Chugai believes that a culture of respect for human rights is a cornerstone for a company to be recognized as a member of society and to earn trust. Therefore, we declare our respect for human rights in the Chugai Group Code of Conduct, which is based on our shared Core Values. We recognize Chugai’s responsibility for respecting the human rights of all people involved in our business activities, and with our deep involvement in people’s lives and health as a member of the healthcare industry, we are promoting measures with a greater awareness of respect for human rights.

Material Issues

  • Human rights
  • Safety of clinical trial subjects

Human Rights Initiatives

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