Human Rights

At Chugai, we declare our respect for human rights in the Chugai Group Code of Conduct (CCC), which are based on our shared Core Values. This is because we believe that a culture of respect for human rights is indispensable for a highly productive company where employees can work comfortably, and a cornerstone for a company to be recognized as a member of society and to earn trust. In addition, based on the recognition that Chugai has a responsibility to respect the human rights of all people in society involved in its business activities, we, as a company in the healthcare industry with deep involvement in people’s lives and health, are promoting measures with a greater awareness of respect for human rights.

Related Material Issues

  • Human rights
  • Safety of clinical trial subjects

*Chugai has identified Material Issues that should be given priority to promote the “creation of shared value,” which is our basic management policy.
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Human Rights Initiatives

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