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Corporate Videos

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    Corporate Video (2:21)

    Corporate Video

    Chugai Pharmaceutical was founded nearly 100 years ago as a pharmaceutical importer. Our ambition to introduce overseas medicines in Japan, and provide Japanese medicines globally is expressed in the company name “Chugai.” Learn in this 140 sec. video about our aim to become a top innovator in the healthcare industry for advanced and sustainable patient-centric healthcare.

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    Saving Lives! Medic-boy’s Big Adventure
    A Fun Guide to Advances in Personalized Healthcare (7:57)

    Saving Lives! Medic-boy’s Big Adventure
    A Fun Guide to Advances in Personalized Healthcare

    Medic-boy travels around the world while training. But there are monsters along the way...Through the adventures of Medic-boy as he journeys on his training mission, we explain the meaning of personalized healthcare and the efforts to advance this approach.

Chugai Brand Movies

Attentive to the Feelings of Patients

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    Magic Glasses (6:49)

    Magic Glasses

    The treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is advancing.
    It’s important to get the help from a specialist to get the right treatment.
    Don’t give up on your treatment or for your loved ones.

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    Autoimmune Disease “Tomorrow's Moon” (7:52)

    Autoimmune Disease “Tomorrow's Moon”

    Asako, a patient who continues to be treated for autoimmune diseases, had a problem.
    What actions did she take as a patient with her boss, colleagues and hospital staff to resolve her concerns? This is a short movie about a healthcare professional and a patient.

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    With A Wish (7:23)

    With A Wish

    The pain of rheumatoid arthritis is difficult to be understood by others. Consulting the specialist and beginning the treatment early may give patients hope.
    Through this short movie, “With A Wish,” Chugai aims to increase disease awareness and support patients and their families smile again.

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    Rheumatoid arthritis “Mother’s lip stick” (4:28)

    Rheumatoid arthritis “Mother’s lip stick”

    As rheumatoid arthritis progresses, it becomes even difficult for patients to make-up themselves.
    This short movie was produced with Chugai Pharmaceutical’s aspiration for supporting the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, so that patients may be able to fulfill their desire to keep on “looking good.”

    Lions Health 2016, Pharma, Bronze Prize winning video

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