Basic Policy for Creating Shared Value

Chugai has adopted creating shared value with stakeholders as its basic policy.

The goal of this shared value is to bring about the realization of advanced and sustainable patient-centric healthcare, as set forth in our Envisioned Future. While sharing value with our various stakeholders, we will increase our corporate value by contributing to patients and to the creation of a framework for the next generation of healthcare.

At the same time, the emerging healthcare landscape is expected to undergo structural changes against the backdrop of technological advances, changes in social structures, and financial strain on healthcare systems. Only solutions that offer true value will be pursued. For Chugai, the key to creating shared value is to focus on innovation. We will continuously generate innovation by fully leveraging our unique business model, which is based on the strategic alliance with Roche and our unique strengths in science and technology, to drive the growth and development of both Chugai and society.

Chugai’s Basic Policy
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Basic Policy (Creation of Shared Value)

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