Disclosure of Information According to the "Guidelines for Cooperation Between Chugai and Patient Groups"

Chugai publishes information on its relations with patient groups (patient advocacy groups and patient support groups) to ensure the transparency of its dealings with such groups with the aim of demonstrating to society that it is conducting itself in an ethical and moral manner based on the “Guidelines for Cooperation between Chugai and Patient Groups.”
Chugai is disclosing information on funding (including services such as benefits and labor) provided to domestic patient groups during each fiscal year in the following four categories: (1) Direct Funding, (2) Indirect Funding, (3) Compensation, etc., for Consignment Work, and (4) Other Expenses.

Fiscal Year 2022

(1) Direct Funding

This category includes funding, etc. provided to patient groups to support their activities. Chugai classifies the funding, etc. that it contributes to events hosted by patient groups (excluding events co-hosted with Chugai) and to patient groups themselves into three categories: 1) Donations, 2) Membership and Associate Membership Fees, and 3) Advertising, and publishes the total amount, name of associations to which contributions have been made, and the number of contributions per annum of each of such three categories.
1) “Donations” means the provision of funds to support patient group activities. 2) “Membership and Associate Membership Fees” are payments to patient groups for affiliation fees, membership fees and associate membership fees. 3) “Advertising” is payment for the publication of advertisements in patient group bulletins and magazines.
It should be noted that fees paid for attending presentations and training sessions held by patient groups will not be disclosed.

Category Total for fiscal year
Donations 5,990,000 (yen)
Membership and Associate Membership Fees 615,000 (yen)
Advertising 0

(2) Indirect Funding

This category includes “costs associated with events, etc. hosted by Chugai or co-hosted with patient groups to support patient groups,” and “costs for outsourcing work, etc. related to the support of patient groups to external companies.” Chugai publishes the annual total amount and the names of groups to which contributions are made for each category. “Costs for hosting or co-hosting presentations, briefings, training sessions, etc.” are presenter (lecturer) fees, accommodation and transportation, venue fees, allowances for refreshments, packed lunches, etc. for people with roles in the event. "Costs for outsourced work" are payments to advertising agencies, planning companies, etc., when used.

Category Total for fiscal year
Costs for Hosting or Co-Hosting Presentations, Briefings, Training Sessions, etc. 1,716,926 (yen)
Costs for Outsources Work

(3) Compensation, etc., for Consignment Work

This category includes the payment of compensation, etc. for work consigned by Chugai to patient groups. Chugai classifies these payments into three categories: 1) “Presenter Fees,” 2) “Manuscript Authoring/Editorship Fees,” and 3) “Other Consigned Works,” and publishes the total amount, names of groups to which contributions have been made, and the number of contributions per annum in each of the three categories.
1) “Presenter Fees” is compensation in relation to requested lectures, etc. 2) “Manuscript Authoring/Editorship Fees” is compensation in relation to requested manuscript authoring, etc. 3) “Other Consigned Works” is compensation in relation to consigned work not covered under 1) or 2).
It should be noted that payments for compensation, etc. for consignment work will be made to patient groups, and not directly to individuals.

Category Total for fiscal year
Presenter Fees 330,000 (yen)
Manuscript Authoring / Editorship Fees 0 (yen)
Other Consigned Works 1,639,000 (yen)

(4) Other Expenses

Chugai publishes the names of patient groups to which the provision of benefits, labor and services not covered in (1) through (3) above to support those groups are made. The provision of labor and other services as work by Chugai will be disclosed; however, labor and other services provided on a volunteer basis, not as work, will not be disclosed.
When outsourcing is involved, disclosure will be made under category (2) “Indirect Funding.”

Category Number of Patient Groups
Benefits, labor and other services 11
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