Chugai’s Material Issues

Creating Shared Value and Material Issues

Chugai has adopted “creating shared value” for Chugai and society as its basic management policy. We identified 25 material issues that should be given priority.

Based on our Chugai’s mission as well as impact of business on society, these issues were identified through a multifaceted analysis that incorporated objective views from outside experts and consequently grouped into 8 categories. We also set in-house performance indicators to measure our progress in addressing each issue. These material issues may be adjusted in response to changes in the external environment or the evolution of Chugai’s business activities, and we plan to update them periodically. Sustainability is part of our business strategy, and we consider it important to carry out our activities with an integrated and strategic view.

Process for Establishing Material Issues

In establishing material issues, we analyzed the future market environment, referred to the SDGs and other external initiatives and guidelines, and comprehensively identified the issues that society expects Chugai to address. We also scrutinized items for which Chugai is not sufficiently meeting expectations. We conducted an objective analysis that incorporated outside views, and narrowed the list of issues to those for realizing Chugai’s Envisioned Future. Based on that process, we specified 25 material issues.

Specification of Material Issues

【Stakeholder interest】【Chugai’s impact on the economy, society and environment】 [High][High]Creation of innovative drugs and services, Provision of solutions for patients, Fair marketing, Adverse event management, Safety of clinical trial subjects, Quality assurance and stable supply of products, Improvement of access to healthcare [High][Middle]Corporate governance, Risk management, Compliance, Disclosure and engagement, Code of conduct, Employee job satisfaction, Human rights, Climate change countermeasures, Use of renewable/recycled resources [Middle][High]Development of employee potential, Diversity and inclusion, Fair pricing [Middle][Middle]Fair transactions, Supply chain management, Improvement of occupational health and safety, Social contribution activities, Protection of biodiversity, Environmental management system

Process for Establishing Material Issues

STEP1 Analysis of mid- to long-term conditions and identification of risks and opportunities

  • Healthcare industry outlook, and forecasts and assumptions of domains and participating companies
  • Identification of future risks and opportunities, and our relevant strengths and weaknesses

STEP2 Discussion of management policies (Executive Committee)

  • Decisions on management policies and business plan formulation process
  • Discussion on Mission Statement to express both Chugai’s growth and the development of society

STEP3 Interviews of outside experts

STEP4 Gap analysis (requests from outside stakeholders, comparison with other companies)

  • Advice of Chugai International Council (CIC) on mid- to long-term environmental changes and risks, strategic direction, and contributions Chugai can make
  • Advice from outside consultants on Chugai’s sustainability activities
  • Extraction of material issue categories based on expectations and requirements of society in accordance with the SDGs, GRI, SASB, etc.
  • Conducted gap analysis of current measures in terms of DJSI, MSCI and FTSE survey items

STEP5 Analysis of social issues we want to solve (value) and material issues

  • Drew up plan for solutions to social issues of stakeholders (value) and plan for material issues
  • Scope of outcome: “Move toward realization of advanced and sustainable patient-centric healthcare”

STEP6 Consultation with internal divisions

  • Review of plan for solutions to social issues (value) and plan for material issues, and consultations on wishes and views of division heads and supervising officers (Global Health Policy, Sustainability Human Resources Management)

STEP7 Specification of material issues (Outside directors, Executive Committee, Board of Directors)

  • Based on the preceding steps, specified material issues on two axes: “stakeholder interest” and “Chugai’s impact on the economy, society and the environment”
  • Finalization after review by the Executive Committee, and approval by the Board of Directors
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Sustainability and Business Strategy

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