Procurement system “myBuy” : How to access myBuy and participate in RFx events

myBuy, a new procurement platform of Chugai Pharmaceutical

  • myBuy is a new procurement platform for both suppliers and Chugai Pharmaceutical.
    No fee is charged to suppliers for using this platform.
  • myBuy, a platform (GEP SMART) provided by GEP, ensures transparency and timeliness, communication, and sustainability in business transactions.
  • Currently, this platform is available for sourcing (delivery or receipt of quotation, Q&A, and other information in choosing suppliers) of purchasing transactions above a certain transaction value.

Thank you for your understanding of the implementation of our new procurement platform.
We would appreciate your continued kind cooperation in promoting digitization and providing patients with optimal medical supplies through business transactions.

Use procurement platform

Scope of implementation from 2023 through 2025

  • The scope of implementation for suppliers is sourcing (delivery or receipt of quotation, Q&A, and other information in choosing suppliers).
  • Ordering and payment will be operated in a conventional way for the foreseeable future.
  • After 2026, the application scope of myBuy will be expanded, and the ordering and payment procedures will be changed.
Upstream (2023) *Scope of this announcement Request for purchase,Sourcing Downstream (scheduled for 2026) *To be operated in a conventional way until the end of 2025 Contract,Supplier master management,Ordering,Payment,Reporting

Benefits for suppliers

Benefits for suppliers Preferentially informed about purchasing activities.A person in charge by themselves can change their company information and the contact information.No fee is charged to suppliers for using the myBuy system.Leads to contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Preparation and procedure for using myBuy

Easy preparation and procedure for using myBuy

  • To use myBuy, user registration is necessary. An invitation email will be sent by our company to the person in charge at the supplier.
  • After receiving the invitation email for user registration, the person in charge only needs to check the contact information and profile to complete the registration.
  • Once the supplier account is authenticated, the supplier can use the login information to access the portal of myBuy at any time.
  • A supplier’s person in charge having a myBuy account can invite other personnel and add their contact information.
preparation and procedure Receipt of a registration invitation email,Registration and authentication for GEP Business Network,Registration with myBuy GEP SMART,Access to the myBuy portal

Operation manual

For details on registration and operation methods, see the following materials.

*These materials also include files for the respective items in the table of contents.

Register for GEP Business Network and myBuy GEP SMART (free of charge for registration). (S-2-02)
You can change the registered profile at any time. (S-2-06 S-2-07)
Other personnel can be additionally registered. (S-2-08)

S-2. [Full ver.] Supplier User’s Guide [PDF 5MB]

We will send you a request for proposal (RFx) and ask you to answer it by referring to the manuals shown below. (S-3)
Please read first the RFx Quick Guidance. (S-4)

S-4. RFx Quick Guidance [PDF 2MB]

S-3. [Full ver.] RFx Guidance [PDF 5.4MB]

FAQ for Suppliers [Excel 19KB]

Contact details

Inquiries about requests for quotation through myBuy

Inquires about failures or problems with myBuy

  • Unable to log in to myBuy
  • The screen does not change to the next screen by pressing the button; etc.

*Please try to clear the cache of your browser before contacting GEP.

GEP technical support

Inquiries about the operation of myBuy

  • Questions about how to register or how to add contact information
  • Questions about how to fill the question form or price sheet of an RFx event; etc.

myBuy Inquiry Forms (Japanese Only)

Inquiries about individual purchasing activities (RFx)

  • Questions about requirements and conditions for purchasing
  • Questions arising when making a quotation proposal; etc.

Chugai Sourcing manger (Person in charge of sourcing)

For details on how to check, see the manual S-0. Contact Information for Inquiries [PDF 503KB]

Inquiries about ordering and invoice processing through ProcYON

Inquiries about ordering and invoice processing (ProcYON)

  • Questions about handling details or operation procedure for ordering through ProcYON; etc.

Chugai Purchasing (Person in charge of ProcYON)

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