Patient-Centric Activities to Help Resolve Social Issues in the Field of Rare Disease

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Chugai has made creating shared value with stakeholders as its basic management policy. The goal we set is to help solve social issues by innovation, and simultaneously realize company growth and social development. Under the business philosophy, “Innovation all for the patients,” we have been engaging in a variety of activities by incorporating voices of patients on their challenges and requests into our projects and cosponsoring events in order to realize advanced and sustainable patient-centered healthcare, which is our shared value.
SPOTLIGHT is one of Chugai’s patient-centric activities to help resolve social issues in the field of rare disease. We intend to help people address social issues surrounding rare diseases by actively sharing information on a range of activities led by Chugai through annual reports, websites, and media events, focusing on patient-centric support for addressing social issues with stakeholders.

Reasons to target the Rare Disease Area

Seriousness of the social issues

Rare diseases are not well known to the public. Patients and families face multiple issues ranging from treatment to daily activities, however, the supports and understanding provided for them remain insufficient and inadequate.

High unmet needs

Chugai should contribute to the rare disease area with high unmet needs, as we aims at responding to unmet needs through innovation.

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Sustainable Patient-Centric Healthcare

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