Applied Technology

Chugai originated products are designed to address unmet medical needs with its proprietary technology.

Main Antibody Engineering Technology

Technology Feature Product/Development Applied with Technologies
Recycling Antibody® Binds to the target antigen multiple times and therefore prolong the duration of the antibody‘s efficacy Enspryng, SKY59 (crovalimab), AMY109
Sweeping Antibody® Eliminates the disease-causing (soluble) antigen from plasma GYM329
Bispecific Antibody Manufacturing Technology (ART-Ig®, FAST-Ig) Enables commercial production of bispecific antibodies, which is expected to lead to the generation of drugs with a new mode of action that enhances efficacy by simultaneously binding with two types of antigen or provides new pharmacology by bridging two antigens. Hemlibra, NXT007
T cell Redirecting AntiBody (TRAB®) Directs T cells to cancer cells and activates T cells, specifically attacking and killing neighboring cancer cells. ERY974
Switch Antibody Binds to the antigen only in the presence of tumor specific small molecule metabolite (switch molecule). STA551

Mid-Size Molecule Technology

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Main Products / Development Pipeline

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