Applied Technology

Chugai originated products are designed to address unmet medical needs with its proprietary technology.

Main Antibody Engineering Technology

Technology Feature Product/Development Applied with Technologies
Recycling Antibody® Binds to the target antigen multiple times and therefore prolong the duration of the antibody‘s efficacy Enspryng, SKY59 (crovalimab), AMY109, RAY121
Sweeping Antibody® Eliminates the disease-causing (soluble) antigen from plasma GYM329
Bispecific Antibody Manufacturing Technology (ART-Ig®, FAST-Ig) Enables commercial production of bispecific antibodies, which is expected to lead to the generation of drugs with a new mode of action that enhances efficacy by simultaneously binding with two types of antigen or provides new pharmacology by bridging two antigens. Hemlibra, NXT007, DONQ52
T cell Redirecting AntiBody (TRAB) Directs T cells to cancer cells and activates T cells, specifically attacking and killing neighboring cancer cells. ERY974
Next-Generation T cell Redirecting Technology (Dual-Ig®) TRAB is designed to guide T cells to the target cancer cells by activating and engaging T cells through TRAB binding to CD3 on T cells. One of its challenges, however, is that it has limited antitumor killing ability against poorly T-cell infiltrated tumors. Dual-Ig® is a novel technology providing antibodies with the ability to induce CD137 signalling, a co-stimulating molecule, in addition to CD3 signalling. This property potentially results in more potent antitumor effect against poorly T-cell infiltrated tumors. ALPS12
Switch Antibody(Switch-Ig) Binds to the antigen only in the presence of tumor specific small molecule metabolite (switch molecule). Conventional antibodies bind to target antigens in normal tissues as well as at sites of disease, resulting in side effects. Our switch antibody technology is expected to solve this issue by increasing the specificity of antibodies to the sites of disease. STA551

Mid-Size Molecule Technology

Research Portfolio of Each Modality from Discovery to Launch

Chugai is engaged in the drug discovery with various modalities using its proprietary technologies that tackle high unmet medical needs beyond disease areas. Main in-house products from discovery to launch are shown by each modality.

as of February 2, 2023

As of February 2, 2023 regarding antibody drug, more than 20 projects are in discovery stage, 3 projects are in GLP-tox stage, 13 projects are in clinical stage and 4 products are launched. Regarding small molecule drug, 9 projects are in discovery stage, 1 project is in GLP-tox stage, 5 projects are in clinical stage, and 4 products are launched. Regarding mid-size molecule drug,  23 projects are in discovery stage and 1 project is in clinical stage.
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Main Products / Development Pipeline

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