CHUGAI DIGITAL Changing the future of healthcare with digital technology

Chugai is transforming its own business to provide healthcare solutions that will change the society by using digital technology.


Jun 01, 2023
Chugai Selected as “DX Platinum Companies 2023-2025” in Digital Transformation Stocks (DX Stocks) 2023
Jun 08, 2022
Chugai Receives DX Grand Prix 2022 Awards in Digital Transformation Stocks (DX Stocks) 2022


Chugai has set forth “CHUGAI DIGITAL VISION 2030” with a view to 2030.


To realize “CHUGAI DIGITAL VISION 2030,” three basic strategies will transform Chugai’s business and provide healthcare solutions that change society:

1 Strengthen the digital platform

We aim to establish a global-level IT infrastructure by integrating various internal data and constructing an analysis platform. In addition, we will actively promote the recruitment and development of digital talent and establish a system that allows employees to freely express their ideas and challenges, thereby establishing a foundation for new value creation.

2 Optimize all value chains

We will use digital technology to dramatically boost the efficiency of each department and function, in particular production and marketing processes. Through a comprehensive analysis of customer data, we will also contribute to the development of new solutions to enhance customer experience.



In October 2019, Chugai established “Digital Strategy Department” to lead company-wide DX. Business and IT specialists are working together to create new values in the healthcare field, while respecting individual skills and free ideas.

Working at Chugai

“I work with a variety of data, including genomic data, pathological images, and digital biomarkers. My wish is to support data scientists on the front line.”

Digital Solution Architect, Digital Strategy Department

“I can validate the models I design in our in-house laboratory. A wide variety of unique data that can only be found here in the world is generated daily from our laboratory.”

Data Scientist, Discovery Technology Department, Research Division

“I believe that we can give back and contribute to the society by analyzing healthcare data.”

Data Scientist, Biometrics Department, Clinical Development Division


Photo: Satoko Shisai

Satoko Shisai

Executive Vice President, Head of Digital Transformation Unit


Photo: Kazumitsu Kanatani

Kazumitsu Kanatani

Senior Executive Director, Head of Digital Strategy Department, Digital Transformation Unit


Photo: Keisuke Ohara

Keisuke Ohara

Executive Director, Head of IT Solution Department, Digital Transformation Unit




Chugai is looking for talent to help us harness digital technology to become a leading innovator in the healthcare industry.

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