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How to Use the IR Site

The features of the IR Site are explained below.
For answers to other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please click here.

Changing the Text Size

Using the Screen Reader

You can "listen" to the screen with this browser-friendly character recognition software. Simply click to have the software begin reading the page aloud. For a more detailed description of this feature, visit this page.

Search Feature

Type in a word or words to search the Chugai website, excluding pages for medical professionals. To search for content in Japanese, begin your search from a Japanese page. To search for content in English, start from one of the English pages.


Press the Print button located on the right side of the screen. A menu will appear so you can customize options for optimal printing. If you do not have a printer or properly installed print drivers, this function may not work.

Viewing the Page in Japanese

There are two ways to access website content in Japanese:

At the top of the screen, select "Japanese" from the menu.
(This will bring you to the homepage in Japanese.)

Or click the "View in Japanese" button displayed on the right side.
(This will display the page you are viewing in Japanese.)

Share Information

Chugai's current share price (minimum 20-minute delay) is displayed on the right side of the screen. To view past share performance, click the Chart link. Historical share quotes (close, high and low), trading volumes and an index benchmark are also available for past years.

Viewing PDF Files

To view PDF files, Adobe® Reader® must be installed. This can be downloaded for free from the icon below.

Viewing PDF Files

To View Webcasts and Other Videos

Webcasts may be externally hosted. For more information on viewing requirements, please refer to the features described on the menu page of each webcast event.

Using Bread Crumb Navigation

You can view your current location in the website using the "breadcrumbs" near the top of the page.

About RSS

News, notices to shareholders and other updates are distributed via Really Simple Syndication (RSS). RSS utilizes XML technology for the convenient delivery of information direct to your internet browser and/or RSS feed reader.

Click here to select and subscribe to Chugai Pharmaceutical RSS feeds.
For a more detailed explanation of using RSS feeds, please refer to the following pages.

What's RSS?

Getting an RSS Reader


...Click below to download the free software needed to view documents and other files made available through the Chugai site.

...Download Windows Media® Player to view webcasts

...Open a new browser window

...Download Adobe® Reader® for PDF files

...Download Excel® Viewer to view Excel files

...Click RSS to download a free RSS feed reader