Under its business philosophy, “Innovation all for the patients,” the Chugai Group aims to add exceptional value through the creation of innovative medical products and services for the benefit of the medical community and human health around the world.

In December 2014, we adopted a new slogan, “INNOVATION BEYOND IMAGINATION.” This slogan conveys the commitment of the Company and the strong desire of its employees to make Chugai a top innovator for healthcare that continuously creates not only the products anxiously awaited by people around the world but also unprecedented medicines that exceed all expectations.

Beyond the depths of human imagination
lies a new beginning,
a world humanity has long awaited.

To attain this world,
we continue fighting common paradigms,
breaking through national barriers,
and uniting technology
with expertise from around the world.

If a million people suffer from one disease,
we strive to find a million solutions.
Together with doctors and medical institutions,
we offer hope to patients and families worldwide.

Innovating today, we help to protect
the ordinary days that people cherish.

And when the world says there’s no cure,
we don’t give up until we find one.

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Our Vision

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