ESG at Chugai

Chugai conducts its business activities to fulfill its mission of benefiting the medical community and human health around the world.

In the capital markets in recent years, interest has grown in non-financial information such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors as an essential viewpoint for evaluating a company’s long-term sustainable growth potential.

For Chugai, which is engaged in business related to the important social issue of health, ESG is inextricably linked with the long-term fulfillment of its mission. Chugai believes that medium- to long-term value creation will become possible through the continuous strengthening of the ESG activities.

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1Global Environment

As a healthcare company, Chugai is engaged in many scientific and specialized activities, and has a considerable role to play in protecting the environment, which we regard as an important foundation underpinning all of our business activities. Accordingly, we have set priority items and mid- to long-term targets, not only to promote the sustainable growth of our business, but also to protect the environment of the communities where we operate, and the planet as a whole. We are working toward these targets as a company-wide endeavor.


2Sustainable Healthcare

As a result of advances in life science and digital technologies, the challenges in healthcare are becoming more sophisticated, diverse and complex. At the same time, growth and aging of populations are expected to put serious financial strains on healthcare systems. To realize its goal of “advanced and sustainable healthcare,” Chugai will pursue continuous innovation and further develop its business activities to help build the mechanisms for achieving that goal while sharing value with its various stakeholders.

3Human Rights

Chugai believes that a culture of respect for human rights is a cornerstone for a company to be recognized as a member of society and to earn trust. Therefore, we declare our respect for human rights in the Chugai Group Code of Conduct.
To address human rights issues, which are taking on greater significance as a social issue, Chugai believes that initiatives throughout the entire supply chain as well as within the Chugai Group are important. As such, we have reinforced our measures for respecting human rights, including formulation of the Chugai Group Human Rights Statement and educational activities.

4Human Resources

At Chugai, we consider our people to be our greatest asset in achieving growth while delivering social value, and consider talent management to be a key management theme. Through our efforts to strengthen talent management to match the right person with the right job, secure diverse human resources by promoting diversity and inclusion (D&I), respect different values and ideas, and maintain a work environment that enables work-life synergy for each and every employee, we strive to foster an organizational culture in which employees can perform to their full potential in their respective roles and continuously innovate while supporting each other’s success.

5Social Contribution

Contribution to society is an important part of the Chugai Group Code of Conduct (CCC). We recognize our role and responsibility as a good corporate citizen, and engage in social contribution activities while maintaining partnerships with communities and society. We also encourage and support the social contribution activities of individual employees.



Chugai manages its business with a focus on innovation to achieve its mission, based on its unique business model. Chugai is a member of the Roche Group while maintaining its managerial autonomy and independence as a separate listed company. Recognizing the importance of its role in increasing corporate value, Chugai continuously examines and improves corporate governance by both creating systems and mechanisms for corporate governance, and raising its effectiveness.

7Ethics and Compliance

In keeping with its basic philosophy, whereby corporate ethics take priority over profit, Chugai places paramount importance on respect for life and strives for fair and transparent corporate activities based on high ethical standards, along with a commitment to scientific excellence. We view compliance as not only complying with laws, but also meeting expectations from society. Therefore, we are enhancing compliance training for employees, conducting monitoring surveys and implementing compliance risk mitigation measures to achieve a higher level of compliance.

8Supply Chain Management

Supply chains are becoming increasingly important against the backdrop of technological advances, changes in the social structure, and rising expectations and requirements for pharmaceutical companies. At Chugai, in addition to optimizing purchasing and building sound relationships with business partners, we are promoting the evolution of our supply chain management by conducting comprehensive supplier evaluations that include aspects such as the natural environment, work environment and human rights in order to solve social issues in cooperation with suppliers.

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