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Chugai participates in global projects with the aim of improving access to healthcare around the world.

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External Affairs Dept.
Aya Harada

Project for improving healthcare access

To help fulfill its mission of contributing to the medical community and human health around the world, Chugai participates in a number of global health initiatives. One example is Access Accelerated (AA).* As part of AA, in cooperation with the non-governmental organization AMDA Multisectoral and Integrated Development Services (AMDA-MINDS), Chugai provides mobile clinics in Myanmar to help prevent non-communicable diseases (diabetes, hypertension, etc.) in regions where it is difficult to access health services.
In the oncology area, to realize "patient-centered high-quality cancer care," we promote team medical care in Cambodia in collaboration with the Japan Heart Children's Medical Center. And we supported the development, dissemination, and establishment of resource-appropriate guidelines for multidisciplinary collaboration.

We believe that each project strengthens cooperation with residents, government, and regional hospitals, and for building sustainable health care systems. We plan to disseminate the projects to other Asian countries, and at the same time, the effects and influence will be shared and discussed among the participating organizations and companies.

  • *Access Accelerated is a global initiative established by more than 20 pharmaceutical companies around the world, including Chugai. It is aimed at improving access to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of non-communicable diseases in low- and middle-income countries.

The Chugai Group upholds its mission “Dedicate ourselves to adding value by creating and delivering innovative products and services for the medical community and human health around the world.”

As part of this mission, Chugai considers it a duty to contribute to global health by continuously creating new products for unmet medical needs, and working to improve access to healthcare.

Material Issues

  • Improvement of healthcare access

Global Health Initiatives

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