Basic Policy for R&D

Chugai’s mission is to generate a steady stream of innovative products to address unmet medical needs*1 and benefit the medical community and human health around the world. Based on this principle, we aim to create new drugs with first-in-class*2 or best-in-class*3 potential.

In allocating research resources, we prioritize projects based on the following criteria:

  • The compound’s potential for development as a novel medicine that can be clearly differentiated
  • Whether it has a scientific basis for addressing unmet medical needs
  • Whether it is a project that will enable personalized healthcare (PHC)

At various decision points during research, we pursue drug discovery from the patient’s perspective in order to create medicines truly needed by patients and healthcare providers.

  • *1 Medical needs that is not adequately met due to a lack of effective treatments
  • *2 An original drug that is highly novel and useful, and will significantly change the therapeutic system
  • *3 A drug that offers clear advantages over other existing drugs in the same category, such as those with the same molecular target
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