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Proprietary Technologies

Chugai takes full advantage of its proprietary technology strengths and global network to continuously create innovative drugs from its own research. Our new drug development activities are balanced between antibodies and small-molecule medicines. Moreover, to maximize the value of our proprietary technologies, we further refine and apply them to other target molecules. By repeating the cycle of “developing original technologies to address unmet medical need”, followed by “developing innovative therapies” and “applying these technologies in drug discovery research”, we can continuously generate new first-in-class*1 and best-in-class*2 drugs.

*1  An original drug that is highly novel and useful, and will significantly change the therapeutic system
*2  A drug that offers clear advantages over other existing drugs in the same category, such as those with the same molecular target

Chugai’s Innovative Antibody Technologies

Chugai has been developing new technologies to address unmet medical need. By making groundbreaking advances in research technology, we have developed a succession of technologies that overturned conventional wisdom about antibody engineering technologies. Examples include our development of the Recycling Antibody®, Sweeping Antibody® and bispecific antibody technologies.

In addition, we have selected drug discovery technologies for middle molecules as a candidate for our next generation core technology in addition to antibody engineering and small-molecule technologies, and will make concentrated investments to establish this new candidate and quickly generate projects.

SMART-Ig® (Sequential Monoclonal Antibody Recycling Technology – Immunoglobulin)

A conventional antibody derived from known technology, regardless of how high its affinity to a target antigen is, has two limitations: 1) the antibody can bind to the antigen only once; and 2) the antibody can only bind to the antigen and cannot eliminate it from plasma. SMART-Ig®, developed by Chugai, is an entirely new technology that overcomes these two limitations. It enables the targeting of previously untargetable antigens and achieves a product profile that previously could not be realized with a conventional antibody.

For details, see SMART-Ig® (Recycling Antibody®)
Explanation of the Recycling Antibody®, which can bind to the target antigen multiple times and therefore prolong the duration of the antibody’s efficacy

For details, see SMART-Ig® (Sweeping Antibody®)
Explanation of the Sweeping Antibody®, which can eliminate the disease-causing antigen from plasma

ART-Ig® (Asymmetric Re-engineering Technology - Immunoglobulin)

This technology enables commercial production of the bispecific antibody, which is expected to lead to the generation of drugs with a new mode of action that enhances efficacy by simultaneously binding with two types of antigen or provides new pharmacology by bridging two antigens.

For details, see ART-Ig® (Bispecific antibody manufacturing technology)

Antibody Therapeutics

Mechanisms of antibody therapeutics and an introduction to Chugai’s next-generation antibody engineering technologies

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