Message from the CEO

Representative Director & President CEO Tatsuro Kosaka

We aim to become a “top innovator” to realize advanced and sustainable patient-centric healthcare

Chugai Pharmaceutical is passionate about its pursuit of innovation for the benefit of patients and healthcare.

In an environment marked by population growth and aging societies, and the remarkable advances in life science and digital technologies, the needs of and expectations for healthcare are rising. On the other hand, limited resources, both financial and non-financial, are making the realization of a healthy life for everyone a challenge worldwide.

We believe the key to meeting expectations and solving social issues is the pursuit of innovation focused on innovative pharmaceuticals. In addition to ensuring high efficacy and safety, drugs should provide unprecedented new value, increase the quality of life for patients and their families, and contribute to solving social issues. These drugs will fulfill expectations and also play a role in achieving advanced and sustainable healthcare.

Chugai aims to become a “top innovator” for healthcare, continuously developing together with society. Based on our unique strengths in science and technology and the strategic alliance with Roche, we will proactively promote advanced personalized healthcare that enables the selection of optimal treatment options for each patient, expand our methods for future drug discovery, and acquire new strengths through digital technologies.

Human resources are the source of our innovation. To foster an organizational culture in which our diverse and high-caliber members can demonstrate their capabilities to the fullest, we will further promote existing measures such as “work style reforms,” “pursuit of work-life synergy” and “diversity and inclusion.”

Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

(As of March, 2019)

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