Message from the CEO

Representative Director, Chairman & CEO Tatsuro Kosaka

Our goal is to contribute to the realization of advanced and sustainable patient-centric healthcare as a top innovator in the healthcare industry through innovation that is only possible at Chugai.

The expectations and needs toward healthcare are increasing due to the growth and aging of populations and dramatic advancements in science and technology. On the other hand, with limited resources and finances, realizing a healthy life for all people is a common global challenge.

Our goal is to provide solutions that help solve social issues and lead to the advancement of society by taking advantage of our high level of science and technology to innovate in ways that only Chugai can. In addition to developing and delivering innovative new drugs, we are broadening our contribution to patients through initiatives for providing drugs and healthcare services that transcend the boundaries of drugs. Going forward, we will deliver value with a broader view by innovating through collaboration with players in diverse industries, such as the IT and digital sector.

To become a company that continuously generates innovation for realizing the value we aim to achieve, I am placing priority on science, technology, and on human capital and corporate culture, and I will concentrate resources in these areas. Science is the source of our value and provides the criteria for evaluating our activities. Technology is our strength and lifeline. And most important of all is our people. By strengthening talent management and diversity and inclusion (D&I) and aggressively investing in human capital, we want to create a corporate culture that fosters innovation.

Chugai aims to be a top innovator in the healthcare industry, continuously growing together with society. We will realize the creation of shared value with society based on our alliance with Roche, the creation of new value powered by our unique strengths in science and technology, and our contribution to the wellbeing of each patient.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

(As of April 2020)

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