Nov 15, 2021

Chugai Continuously Selected in the “DJSI World,” a Global ESG Investment Index

  • Chugai has been recognized as a highly sustainable company and ranked second in the world as a pharmaceutical company
  • Continuously selected from last year in the "DJSI World," comprised of the top eight sustainable pharmaceutical companies in the world
  • Selected as "DJSI Asia Pacific" for the seventh time for four consecutive years

TOKYO, November 15, 2021 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced that the company has been continuously selected as a constituent of "Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) World," the global version of DJSI, which is the world's leading ESG investment index. Furthermore, Chugai has been selected as a constituent of "DJSI Asia Pacific," the Asia-Pacific version, for the seventh time for four consecutive years.

DJSI is a leading ESG index developed by S&P Dow Jones Indices (USA) and is one of the main investment selection criteria for investors worldwide who are interested in corporate sustainability. Companies are selected annually as a constituent based on the sustainability assessment in terms of corporate economic, environmental and social aspects.

In the pharmaceutical sector of the "DJSI World," the top eight sustainable companies have been selected as constituents, including Chugai, which received the second-highest sustainability rating among pharmaceutical companies in the world. 322 companies (including 35 Japanese companies) have been selected for the DJSI World in total. Five companies including Chugai, have been selected for "DJSI Asia Pacific."

In the growth strategy "TOP I 2030," the Company set a "role model for the world" as one of three visions as a top innovator in 2030. Chugai aims to be recognized for ESG initiatives through its business activities, and become a global role model as a leader in resolving social issues. Since its first selection for DJSI World last year, Chugai’s ESG initiatives have evolved further thanks to the PDCA cycle, in which Chugai actively engages in dialogue both inside and outside the Company and uses the feedback to improve our activities. As a result, this year's sustainability scores of occupational health & safety, labor practice and human capital development far exceeded last year. Overall, we have improved our score from last year and received a global top-class sustainability rating.

Chugai’s basic management policy is “creating shared value between our company and society” and “realize advanced and sustainable medical care centered on patients.” This philosophy is also in line with the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” set by the United Nations. Chugai will continue to strive for appropriate disclosure of information on the SDGs and ESG initiatives, create value for patients and society by leveraging innovation that only Chugai can provide, and contribute to solving social issues and building a sustainable society through our business activities.


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