Feb 17, 2023

The 3rd Online Workshop on Multidisciplinary Team Care for Healthcare Professionals in Cambodia

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In contrast to the dramatic economic growth, the health and sanitation situation in Cambodia is still developing, and there are many issues that need to be solved, such as lack of knowledge on medical and sanitation of the people, insufficient insurance systems, and lack of medical facilities. Above all, the lack of numbers of medical professionals is serious and a major obstacle to accessing high-quality healthcare for the public to address this issue, Chugai held a multidisciplinary team care workshop for medical professionals in Cambodia in collaboration with International Medical Volunteers Japan Heart (hereafter, Japan Heart*), a non-profit organization on December 13 and 14, 2022.

Chugai has long been involved in the promotion of multidisciplinary team care in Japan, where various players in medical care share purpose and information and provide medical care in cooperation with each other and complement each other. Based on this experience, we have held a workshop on multidisciplinary team care for local healthcare professionals in Cambodia from 2020 to support the cooperation of limited human resources and contribute to the realization of high-quality healthcare. This third workshop following the workshop last year was held through online lectures from Japan in view of COVID-19 pandemic.                                                                     

Please refer to the link for past activities. 

Online Workshop on Multidisciplinary Team

Provided by Japan Heart

Based on feedback from last year’s participants, the training this year featured on Resolving Workplace Conflicts. A total of 17 participants attended the workshop held in two days. The first day was held for Kumail medical professionals via a Kumail interpreter, and the second day was held in Japanese for local Japanese medical professionals. The participants commented there were also issues of mutual communication that we did not usually notice and a lot of hints to further promote our multidisciplinary team.

Chugai will continue support activities leveraging its strengths to contribute to global health with the aim of providing highly patient-centered and sustainable medical care.


Feedback from participants

Dr. Maiko Koujiro, board member/medical doctor/hospital project director, Japan Heart
In this training, as in the previous training, it was conducted online for a long time, and the contents were conflict management between staff and highly difficult. However, we were able to see our staff participating in the training proactively. The Japanese staff also attended the same training, and it was a very fruitful time for us to speak friendly each other. Even the Japanese people commented that the content was difficult, but we heard from the lecturer that Cambodian staff were actively asking questions, and it was a pleasure to learn that Cambodian staff were actively participating in the training. We learned that staff members had problems that we could not hear in our daily work, and it was obvious that, although this is obvious, not only Japanese but also Cambodians were equally concerned about how to ensure the smooth operation of the organization and the advancement of work. I hope to make use of this awareness to enhance the organizational cohesiveness and carry out activities.

Ms. Run Sopheap, Administrative Leader, Japan Heart Children’s Medical Center   
Thank you for giving me this opportunity and even translated into Khmer, which was a very kind workshop. Because the content was complex and difficult, I sometimes did not understand the nuances, and the English of the text was a little high-level for me, but it was still a theme that actually occurred in my daily work, so it was very interesting for the leaders of Cambodian staff who participated this time. The workshop has given me an opportunity to think about how I can solve problems among my staff. The problems we have dealt with this time are not only problems related to language, but also problems that arise due to differences in the way of thinking, so they often happen not only between Japanese and Cambodians, but also between Cambodians.
From now on, I hope to work with the things I learned this time in mind.
Once again, thank you very much.


*International Medical Volunteers Japan Heart  https://www.japanheart.org/

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