Feb 01, 2023

Donating funds raised at Roche Children's Walk 2022 to “Children's Shelter Momo”

Social Contribution Social Welfare

The Chugai Group participated in the Roche Children's Walk 2022 charity event held globally by Roche and raised funds. This year marks the 19th time since the first “AIDS Walk” was held in 2003, and many sites from Roche Groups around the world participated in this event.

As a result of the fund-raising activities, total amount of 705,000 yen from 1,509 people of the Chugai Group was collected. And the company donated the same amount as the donation amount from employees as "Matching Gift Method". A half of the total of 1.41 million yen was donated through Roche to support children in need in Malawi, Ethiopia, the Philippines, and other countries. And the other half was donated to” Children's Shelter Momo” in Japan.

Children's Shelter Momo is an NPO established in 2009 in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture. In addition to operating child shelters that serve as places for emergency evacuation and shared living for children who have no place to go, Momo is currently also focusing on aftercare projects, which provide support for living, employment, and learning by setting up places where children can easily drop by even after they become independent and do not become isolated in society. Lawyers, people involved in child welfare, and citizens gather to conduct activities in cooperation with various organizations and volunteers. This donation will be used for the operation costs of the corporation.

Mr. Higashi, the president of Children's Shelter Momo, said, "Many of the children providing support are due to abuse. During the COVID-19 pandemic, more children came to consult with SOS by themselves than before. While it is difficult to establish a system that can provide after-care services, we are extremely grateful for this donation and encouraged by the presence of people who support our steady activities."

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