Dec 10, 2018

Establishment of "Gan with," an Information Website for Cancer Patients, Their Families and Coworkers

TOKYO, December 10, 2018 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) and QLife, Inc. (TOKYO) announced today that they launched a new information website that gives consideration to daily living of cancer patients, “Gan* with (, Japanese only).”

* Gan means cancer in Japanese.

Gan with” is a website to provide information on problems related to work and daily living that cancer patients may face. With the three themes: “working,” “money,” and “living,” the website provides various contents such as patients’ experience, commentary by physicians and other professionals, and recipes.

Main contents

  • Working
    Some professionals including industrial physicians and labor and social security attorneys provide commentary on working with cancer. It will carry actual experiences of patients and the people who support them such as their colleagues.
  • Money
    A financial planner gives commentary here about medical insurances. Professionals’ commentary on medical-expense deduction, the high-cost healthcare benefit system, etc. will be posted in time.
  • Living
    This content shares patients’ experiences in manga (Japanese-style comics) and recipes to enjoy food and the changing of seasons with a little ingenuity.

Chugai, as a leading company in oncology field in Japan, aims to “provide cancer care that patients can face positively with hope,” and is promoting various efforts such as operation of an information website “AYA Life” for patients in the AYA generation*. This newly-established “Gan with” is aimed to provide a wide variety of information for patients and the supporting families and coworkers regarding the questions which they may often have during treatment, more closely in view of patients’ daily living.

* AYA is the abbreviation of “Adolescent and Young Adult,” which means children in adolescence and young adult aged around 15 to 39 years.

QLife is engaged in medical business and marketing business in order to realize a world where people can receive better medical care by bridging medical service and patients. Through “Gan with,” QLife aims to provide useful information in solving daily life problems of cancer patients and the people surrounding them from a unique viewpoint of medical media.

Chugai and QLife are going to continue providing valuable information in order to give consideration to the feelings of cancer patients and move hand-in-hand with the patients.

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