Mar 17, 2016

Chugai Selected as a “Nadeshiko Brand” for the Second Consecutive Year

- Active Diversity Measures Continue to be Highly Appreciated by Outside Agencies -

TOKYO, March 17, 2016 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced today that it was chosen for the second consecutive year by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) to be designated as the Nadeshiko* Brand which is entitled to listed companies which are exceptional in promoting the success of women in the workplace.
*Nadeshiko, a pink carnation with delicate frills, is used metaphorically to refer to an idealized Japanese woman.

Companies designated as the Nadeshiko Brand have been selected and announced jointly by METI and TSE since 2012. In the selection process, companies are rated and scored for “conducting career support for women,” and “supporting women in balancing work and family.” From among the companies ranked high in each industry category, METI and TSE further pick one company per industry category** in light of the average ROE (return on shareholders’ equity) over the last three years.
**Two companies are selected if an industry category has a relatively large number of companies.

[ The logo of the Nadeshiko Brand ]

Chugai places priority on diversity management as it seeks to become a top Japanese pharmaceutical company that provides a continuous flow of innovative new medicines in Japan and overseas. In 2010, it organized a working team on the subject of gender, led under the direct control of CEO, and began considering various issues. In 2012, it set up the Diversity Office to strengthen and promote efforts in a broad range of fields. Since 2013, Chugai began holding the Chugai Diversity Promotion Forum where top management and department members gather to discuss and further promote diversity.

Along with spreading the understanding of diversity and improving the workplace environment, Chugai has introduced the talent management system with the aim of scouting diverse human resources and encouraging their success in the workplace. Employees’ job assignments and development/training are carried out after their competencies and skills are ascertained, using objective criteria and measurement scales. Opportunities to develop and cultivate diverse perspectives early on are also offered through a personnel exchange program with Roche.

Concerning the promotion of female careers, Chugai had set up the goal of doubling the number of female managers (60 women) during the five-year period after 2010. As for female career planning and development measures, it has organized career forums for women, social gathering for employees providing childcare, and introduced a female leader program to develop senior-level leaders. As a result, as of December 2015, Chugai Pharmaceutical had 62 women in management positions, and women accounted for 10.7 percent of all managers. It will cultivate future candidates among female employees to ensure the steady development of female managers to expand the ranks of the next generation of leaders.

As for supporting women in balancing work and family, Chugai has been striving to promote proper work hours. In addition to setting up “No overtime work days,” business offices and departments thoroughly determine, in advance, whether overtime is truly necessary or not, and carry out training on time management. Even though the quality and quantity of business operations may continue to increase, it promotes the work life synergy and try to reduce overtime work by enhancing productivity.

Chugai believes that the Nadeshiko Brand for the second consecutive year was awarded on this occasion in recognition of these activities.

With the fundamental principal that human resource is an invaluable asset that help generate corporate growth and development, Chugai will continue to develop a working environment and organizational culture to ensure that a rich variety of employees can work enthusiastically and achieve success in the workplace.


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