2018 Performance Report

Communicating the appeal of para-sports to a wider audience. Chugai offers support for para-sports through a variety of initiatives. Following is a description of some of those efforts in 2018.

Hands-on Deaf Soccer Event at the Gunma Prefectural School for the Deaf

On Saturday, November 10, the Gunma Prefectural School for the Deaf held its “Autumn School,” sponsored by the school’s special support classroom parents’ association.
The “Autumn School” is an event designed to provide for interaction between hearing-impaired students attending regular schools in Gunma Prefecture, as well as between those students’ parents.
This year, Chugai’s own Takehide Shitara, an alumnus of the Gunma Prefectural School for the Deaf, was asked to serve as an instructor for a hands-on deaf soccer event.
The event was held in the gymnasium, which also provided a venue for student interaction. Using sign language, the students played color tag and practiced dribbling by color, followed by dribble and shoot practice and a competition-format game.
After the event, Mr. Shitara gave a lecture to all the participants and their parents. He spoke about his life prior to becoming a working adult, his deaf soccer and deaf futsal activities, and talked about Chugai. An informal get-together followed.
The participants commented that it was a lot of fun playing soccer again this year and expressed interest in the fact that there are companies where the hearing impaired can work.

Through para-sports, Chugai is working to achieve an inclusive society in which persons with impairment can play an active role.

Chugai Sponsors Hands-on Wheelchair Softball Class

On Thursday, October 25, a hands-on wheelchair softball class was held for fourth-grade students at Futakami Elementary School in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo. This hands-on class, conducted primarily by students of Professor Nobuyuki Demise of Meiji University, was held in the hopes of teaching children about and deepening their interest in wheelchair softball and other para-sports.

To deepen their understanding, the seminar students first conducted a class using instructional materials they had prepared, including athlete interviews they wrote and edited themselves. The children, who had been looking forward to the hands-on class, got in their wheelchairs and were soon absorbed in practice and an actual game, playing alongside athletes from Japan’s national team such as Yosuke Arai, Reo Onuki and Koji Ishii. The response from the children varied from “Now I know that anyone--even children--can enjoy this sport,” to “I’d like to try wheelchair softball again,” and “I’d like to see an actual tournament.”

Chugai supports para-sports with the goal of achieving an inclusive society in which everyone can make the most of their own capabilities.

Chugai Sponsors “2018 Wheelchair Softball Tournament in Tokyo”

On October 6 and 7, the Tokyo International Wheelchair Softball Tournament was held at the Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park in Ariake, Tokyo.

Eleven teams from across Japan, as well as the U.S. national team, participated. The championship game on the final day was a match between the Kitakyushu Silver Wings and the U.S. national team. The American team, comprised of 20 players chosen from among 300 athletes from 22 teams across the U.S., held back the Silver Wings to score a decisive victory.

During the event, 25 Chugai employees participated as volunteers. Thanks to the cooperation of many other volunteers, primarily college students, the tournament was a success.

Sponsor for a Hands-on Wheelchair Softball Event

On Thursday, August 9, Meiji University’s Demise Seminar held a hands-on wheelchair softball event for students at the university’s Surugadai campus. Chugai and the Demise Seminar collaborate on activities to raise public awareness of para-sports. This event was sponsored by Chugai, with the additional cooperation of the Kanto Wheelchair Softball Association.

At the event, Japan national team members Koji Ishii and Reo Onuki explained wheelchair softball to the participants, who then got in their own wheelchairs to practice and enjoy an actual match-format game. Afterwards, students who participated gave lots of positive feedback, noting, “Para-sports feel more familiar to me now,” “I learned that wheelchair softball can be enjoyed by anyone, without regard to disability,” and “The feeling of running around in a wheelchair designed for sports was a lot of fun.”

Chugai Sponsors the Wheelchair Tennis Camp 2018

On July 28 and 29, Chugai sponsored a wheelchair tennis camp in Katsuura, Chiba Prefecture, organized by the Japan Wheelchair Sports Association. This year will be the third year and a total of 12 volunteers participated, including Chugai Group employees and students of Kanto Gakuin University, with a total of 75 people attending the camp.

Due to the effects of the typhoon, the first day’s practice was held in a gymnasium, but on the second day the skies were clear, and participants were able to practice on the tennis courts. Participants included children playing tennis for the first time, those who, because of severe impairments, were on their first family outing, as well as local children. The children had a great time playing tennis, something they normally have few opportunities to try, and had fun taking on the challenge with their friends. This camp offered a real sense of the value of participating together, regardless of disability, age or gender, each playing in their own way to the best of their abilities.

Chugai supports para-sports with the goal of achieving an inclusive society in which everyone can make the most of their own capabilities.

Chugai Sponsors Hands-on Blind Sports Event 2018

On Saturday, July 7, a hands-on blind sports event was held at the Yokohama City Special Support School for the Visually Impaired.

A total of 50 people participated, including employees of the Chugai Group and their family members, and the school’s teachers and students. They were offered hands-on experience with goalball--an official sport of the Paralympics--as well as sound table tennis and sitting volleyball.
This year, an expert instructor gave a lecture on communicating with the visually impaired. In addition to the class, participants got to experience the sports from the point of view of both player and supporter, trying on goggles that simulate limited vision and walking through the school in teams with their eyes closed.

Feedback from participants included, “The simulated experience during the communication class gave me a sense of what it’s like for the visually impaired,” “It was great to experience these sports along with the students,” and “I hope to make use of what I learned and felt through experience in my day-to-day life.”

Chugai supports para-sports with the goal of achieving an inclusive society.

Chugai Sets up Hands-on Wheelchair Sports Booth at Sozosai Sports Festival

On June 3, Chugai set up a hands-on wheelchair sports booth featuring wheelchair tennis, wheelchair basketball and chair skiing at the Yokohama Kanazawa-Hakkei campus of Kanto Gakuin University during Sozosai.

Chugai, a member of K-biz, the corporate partnership education platform of the school’s College of Business Administration, ran the booth with the cooperation of the Mainichi Newspapers, the Japan Wheelchair Sports Association and the Japan Chair Ski Association, along with student volunteers from the College of Business Administration.

Nearly 300 people showed up on the day of the event to experience these sports. Children who participated commented, “It’s fun riding in a wheelchair,” “It’s hard to steer a wheelchair while holding a racquet,” and “This was the first time I heard of chair skiing.” Some of them returned numerous times to try different sports.
The “K-biz Miracle Project” is aimed at creating a future for all, with the goal of achieving a truly inclusive society.

Chugai Selected as a 2017 Tokyo Sports Promotion Model Company (Commendation by the Governor of Tokyo)

In March 2018, Chugai received an award from the governor of Tokyo in recognition of its efforts to support para-sports, and its selection as a 2017 Tokyo Sports Promotion Model Company by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Launched in fiscal 2015, the Tokyo Sports Promotion Company Certification Program is a scheme that certifies companies as Tokyo Sports Promotion Companies based on their efforts to promote employee sports activities and contribute to society in the field of sports.

Those Tokyo Sports Promotion Companies that carry out initiatives with a particularly significant social impact or a widespread effect are selected as Tokyo Sports Promotion Model Companies. Of the 195 companies certified as Tokyo Sports Promotion Companies in 2017, 11 companies, including Chugai, were selected as Tokyo Sports Promotion Model Companies.

Chugai Provides Special Sponsorship for the “Chair Ski Class to be Enjoyed by Parents and Children” at the Maiko Snow Resort

On March 3 and 4, Chugai was a special sponsor of the Chugai “Chair Ski Class to be Enjoyed by Parents and Children,” organized by the Japan Chair Ski Association.

This event, now in its third year, offers children with disabilities the opportunity to experience and enjoy chair skiing with their families. 14 employee volunteers arrived the day before the event, completed a course in serving as chair ski guides, and then prepared to receive the participants.

The event was held by a total of approximately 70 people, including participants and their families, as well as students, teachers and staff from Kanazawa Institute of Technology. During the closing presentation, each of the participants showed off the results of their practice under the watchful eye of everyone in attendance, each skiing toward the goal they had set for themselves. Their families and the staff who served as their guides were deeply moved at the earnest effort each participant put into the challenge. The class was two days of heavy perspiration and lots of smiles.

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