Promotional Activities and Support

The Chugai Group has established an integrated management system for environmental protection, health and safety, and has promoted EHS activities effectively.

System to Facilitate Action

Framework for Promoting Environmental Protection, Health and Safety Activities

Support System

Health Management

Chugai has occupational physicians, nurses, psychologists, health officers and other occupational health staffs to provide necessary support not only for employees who are unwell or on leave due to illness or injury, but for all employees who need consideration for their health condition at work, including those with abnormalities found in health checkups, those who work long hours, pregnant women, employees being treated for cancer or other diseases, and employees with disabilities. Health staffs, human resource managers and workplace supervisors cooperate as shown in the diagram below.

Basic Health Management Structure

Support for Return to Work after Mental Health Leave

Support for employees returning to work after mental health leave is conducted within a framework similar to that for health management. Due to a return-to-work program, we found that a relapse-free job retention rate within a year was improved.*1 In addition, Chugai also conducts ongoing awareness activities including training for managers on promoting understanding of mental health problems and dealing with them appropriately.

Flow of Return-to-Work Program

Chart: Basic Health Management Structure
  • *1 Namba, K. “Return-to-Work Program with a Relapse-Free Job Retention Rate of 91.6% for Workers with Mental Illness.” Sangyo Eiseigaku Zasshi 2012, 54 (6), 276-285.

Work Support Measures for Employees with Cancer

The Chugai Group has enhanced its support for employees who are working while undergoing cancer treatment so that they can do both without anxiety. In 2015, we prepared a “Working Support Handbook for Cancer Patients” and offered it to all employees. We continue to maintain and improve the consultation system for carrying out measures in accordance with treatment conditions and the support system for working during outpatient treatments such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy or radiation therapy.

Coordination between internal help and hotlines

Staffs in charge of health, career, harassment and compliance hotlines and help lines meet regularly to cooperate and support problem solving. They also work together in providing employees with training and information.

Environment, Safety and Health Audits

Since 2017, we have shifted to an integrated environment, safety and health (EHS) management structure in promoting our EHS activities. An EHS audit was conducted at the Fuji Gotemba Research Laboratories with the goal of verifying progress in building that EHS structure. The audit confirmed that the EHS structure was functioning properly.

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Environmental Protection, Safety and Health

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