Health and Safety Activities

The Chugai Group is working to create satisfying and rewarding work environments where all employees can do their jobs in good physical and mental health.

Health and Productivity Management

To further accelerate the health and productivity management which has been a focus at Chugai, we have announced its Health Declaration, and under our health and productivity management policies, are engaged in initiatives centered around a number of priority agenda targets. Our efforts to date have also been recognized with our certification as a 2018 White 500 (large enterprise category) Health and Productivity Management Organization*1.

We will continue to engage in these activities, focusing on prevention as we work to enlighten our employees about health and disease and implement efforts to further contribute to employee well-being.

  • *1 Under the 2018 White 500 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization program, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), in collaboration with the Nippon Kenko Kaigi, grants certification to large enterprises which demonstrate outstanding efforts to practice health and productivity management. Refer to the METI website for details.

Occupational Injury

Change in occupational injury rate and severity

Graph: Change in occupational injury rate and severity
  Number of accidents Occupational incidence rate*2
Lost-worktime 4 0.29
No lost-worktime 17 1.23
Total 21 1.52
Total lost-workdays Occupational
incidence severity*3
98 0.006
  • *2 Number of occupational injuries and deaths per one million hours actually worked, an indication of the occupational incidence rate.
    No. of occupational injuries and deaths / No. of hours actually worked x 1,000,000
  • *3 Number of workdays lost per one thousand hours actually worked, an indication of occupational incidence severity.
    No. of workdays lost / No. of hours actually worked X 1,000

Risk Assessment

Environment, safety and health risk assessments are designed to detect unknown risk factors in advance, and to prevent unexpected accidents in the workplace. The Chugai Group introduced environment, safety and health risk assessments as a Company-wide activity in 2014, in an effort to prevent workplace safety and health-related hazards and environmental pollution.

We also improved systems throughout the Chugai Group for risk assessment of chemical substances handled, including restricted substances*4, and are working to reduce the risk of occupational injuries from these substances.

  • *4 In accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act revised in June 25, 2014, implementing risk assessments for chemical substances (640 items) became obligatory upon enactment of the revision on June 1, 2016. As of August 3, 2017, 663 substances are subject to assessment.

Creating Healthy, Energetic Workplaces

Team coaching training

To prevent problems such as poor mental health or harassment, Chugai conducts measures to vitalize workplaces and improve the working climate to create highly productive environments where employees can work energetically. Since 2013, our health management and human capital development organizations have collaboratively conducted team coaching training for a cumulative total of 1,510 participants at 94 organizations as of 2017. Post-training surveys have shown improvement in work engagement, workplace identification and other items.

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Environmental Protection, Safety and Health

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