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Waste and Recycling

To achieve zero emissions of waste, the Chugai Group aims to increase its recycling ratio and further reduce its amount of landfill waste.

Waste Reduction

Industrial Waste in 2015
In 2015, the amount of industrial waste generated was 2,840 tons (an increase of 224 tons, or 9 percent, compared with 2014), the amount of landfill waste was 25 tons (a decrease of 14 tons, or 36 percent), the final disposal ratio3 was 0.9 percent, and the recycling ratio was 79 percent (an improvement of 5 percentage points). The recycling ratio fell slightly short of the target due to an increase in waste generated as a result of increased production activities and other factors, but we achieved the target for the final disposal ratio.
The increased waste is mainly due to an increase in waste oil at 475 tons (an increase of 283 tons, or 147 percent compared with 2014).

Industrial Waste Generated by Type
Graph: Industrial Waste Generated by Type

Waste Recycled and Recycling Ratio*1
Graph: Waste Recycled and Recycling Ratio

Industrial Landfill Waste and Final Disposal Ratio*2
Graph: Industrial Landfill Waste and Final Disposal Ratio

Proper Disposal of Waste Materials
Twice a year, Chugai holds conferences for persons in charge of waste, mainly those at plants and research laboratories.
These conferences help avoid illegal disposal, and reduce waste risk by informing those concerned of revisions in waste disposal laws and regulations and by providing proper disposal information. On-site verification was conducted at a total of 25 waste disposal contractor facilities in 2015.

Reduction in PPC Paper Used
The amount of PPC paper purchased decreased by 5.1 percent compared with 2014 due to efforts including reduction of handouts at meetings, multi-page printing and duplex printing. We also continuously promote the purchase of PPC paper that meets green purchasing criteria (100% recycled paper, FSC certification, etc.).

PPC Paper Purchased
Graph: PPC Paper Purchased

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